In my last article I highlighted one of the major pathologies leading to weak product managers and weak products.  While the CSPO pathology is large and growing, it is relatively new compared to the MBA pathology. I have not written as much about the MBA pathology.  It’s alluded t...

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  • early product mgr & first lead PM @stripe. product advisor. f...
    Is an MBA a good use of time/money?
    If you're a PM or want to be, are there downsides of going to b-school?
    Can the downsides be overcome?
    I get such questions all the time & I'm going to gladly recommend @cagan's latest article next time someone asks:
  • I like making great products, or even pretty good ones. I lik...
    My friend Marty Cagan released two articles, this one and this one, describing some of the challenges to product thinking. You should read them. He’s right.
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