Over the past four months, we’ve seen crazy incremental growth.

Ad spend has increased by 165.70%.

Revenue has increased by 160.43%.

New customer acquisition costs have decreased by 26.74%.

We did this while increasing our profit margin.

Here’s how. 👇
To provide even greater visibility…

Our Ad Spend in December was £92,015.61, which has scaled up to £244,482.44 in March.

Our CPA in December was £18.7, down to £13.7 in March.

Total revenue in December was £312,727, up to £814,477 in March.

Let’s get into how we did this.
Influencer Seeding.

Since December 2021, we have been identifying and reaching out to 500 influencers per month.

In month 1, 120 influencers posted 412 pieces of media.
Over the course of the next year, that same cohort posted 612 additional assets in total.

This is the organic momentum Kynship often talks about. There is a genuine flywheel effect as more seeding cohorts compound.

In addition…
This growing asset library allows us to launch thousands of new ads each month.

This is the compounding effect of reaching out to hundreds of influencers per month and offering them our product free of charge.
While some may assume that we prioritize quantity over quality, this is not the case.

Our approach is not "spray and pray."

Extensive due diligence goes into identifying quality content creators/influencers.

Here’s what we look for…
When identifying creators, we use several criteria.


- Previous top-performing creators/ads
- Brand fit
- Persona fit
- Demographic fit.

More than anything, we gauge their video content creation ability.
Before seeding our product to an influencer, we grade their video content creation.

Ultimately, we try to answer One question: "If we put our product in this person's hands, can this person sell us organically to our audience”?
If the answer is yes, they become someone we are willing to seed our product to..

Rather than the “spray and pray” method, our goal is to get our hands on as much quality, genuinely authentic creative as we can.
This approach allows us to do so.
After the seeding process, we don’t allow our human bias to come into play.

We give every single asset to our machine learning system with a cost cap set on every creative, and let Facebook decide which creative deserves spend and which does not.
While seeding lends itself to quality creative rising to the top of the ad account, there are some ugly ads that have ended up being top performers for us. Shout out to @binghott
Once we identify what works best from seeding, we put more resources into working with creators in a more hands-on way.

We give them briefs based on top-performing ads to create more of what’s already working.
This way, we receive high-quality, high-performing creatives that don’t cost us an arm and a leg.

We’ve built great long-term partnerships with creators this way that benefits us and them.
Thanks for reading!

Gonna give a shoutout to @Cody_wittick & @Taylorlagace at @Kynship for helping us execute this strategy on both the influencer creative and paid media sides of things.

They’ve been a huge help.
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