I grew my account from 1,400 followers to 13,500+

In less than 3 months.

I didn't run paid ads
I didn't talk about Chat GPT
I didn't do freebie giveaways

And IDGAF about the algorithm.

Here's my 9 steps for predictable growth:
1. Have Something Interesting To Say

The market rewards interesting.

Interesting means:

- Entertaining
- Educational
- Inspiring

But most importantly, have a unique perspective.

The best way to do that?

Be unapologetically and authentically you.
2. Pareto Principle for Growth

80% of your growth will come from 20% of your content.

In my case, it was 3 threads that drove +9,000 followers.

The trick?

Get on base every day.

But know it only takes a few bangers to knock out of the park.

You just won't know which.
3. Write Threads

Oh, the algorithm likes long reads?

Guess who else does?


If your storytelling is juicy

you can keep readers hooked

and their fingers scrolling.

The goal?

Lead the reader down the page

and hooked on every word.

But more importantly...
4. Craft Compelling Hooks

The hook is the headline.

Think of it as the curb appeal of a home.

You can have an Architecture Digest worthy home interior but if the outside is ugly...

Nobody's coming in.

How to write better hooks?

Learn the Big 4
(credit: Kyle Milligan)
5. Respect The Reader

Write at a 5th grade reading level.

Actually, write at a 3rd grade level.

But don't disrespect the reader.

Most writing online is either self-indulgent or too obvious.

Be different.
Teach something.
Combine different ideas.

But use simple words.
6. Vulnerability Is Your Gift

Few are daring enough to be vulnerable.

That's the arbitrage.

Humans love vulnerability.

It's courageous.

It's real.

It's raw.

That deep dark part of your past you're afraid to talk about?

Write about that.

7. Nobody Cares About You

Wait, didn't you say to be vulnerable?

Yes, but...

You must write to the reader.

Their emotions.
Their dreams.
Their fears.

Your vulnerability cements you as the one they want to listen to.

But if your writing is all Me Me Me

you lost the reader.
8. Don't Reinvent The Wheel

Look at what works and make it better.

If a topic is performing well, it's validated.

The more effort you put into your version,

the better your version will perform.

9. Build Relationships

Working hard to craft good threads and still no engagement?

It's because you have no friends.

Spend time meeting, connecting, and make friends with real people on here.

Oh. Wait.

Is that networking?

Isn't networking stupid?
Networking done right alters your trajectory online.

There is a proven playbook for making deep personal and professional connections.

Unlock that

and you'll have an army of friends

ready to help your words get seen by millions of people.
TL;DR 9 Steps for Predictable Growth

1. Have something to say
2. Pareto Principle
3. Write Threads
4. Craft Compelling Hooks
5. Respect The Reader
6. Vulnerability Is Your Gift
7. Nobody Cares About You
8. Don't Reinvent The Wheel
9. Build Relationships
Are you struggling to grow?

I'm writing up everything I learned about relationship building, networking, and masterminds.

If enough people are interested I'll release share it. Survey here:
I hope you've found this thread helpful.

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