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Books to Complement "It's Time to Build" Essay

A short list of books to complement Marc Andresseen's essay: "It's Time to Build".

by @stewartbrand on why even environmentalists should be pro building, pro cities, pro nuclear, and pro genetic engineering.

on how modern technological economies can build more outputs with less inputs, and why we need all economies to be modern and technological.

on how technology-driven productivity growth improves human welfare and creates more jobs and higher wages.

on how economic systems that encourage aggressive entrepreneurship build the most for the benefit of the most.

on how four great builders of the 19th century built the world we live in today.

on perhaps the greatest American builder of all, the builder who brought electricity to us all, Thomas Edison.

on the central role cities play in our world and why it's so important for us to build them -- more, bigger, better.

on why we can't build in great American cities like San Francisco today and what we need to do about it.

“An Apology For The Builder” by Nicholas Barbon, written in 1685. HT @tylercowen. Some things never change!