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Top 10 Psychology books

Top 10 Psychology books that everyone must read

It consists of various analogies that revolve around human behaviour, irrational tendencies and psychological traps of humans.

The book explains the neurological disorders of the people-centered on issues with their perception. It is an amazing read.

Another psychological masterpiece. It talks about self-ignorance, self-delusions, and the dual process of our brain model.

This book will help you understand the order and chaos of life in a simple manner.

The book revolves around mental health and psychopathy.A must read.

Just as the name suggests, this book reflects the powerful insights of our subconscious space in mind. You will never think the same after reading this book.

A fascinating book about the workings of the brain and the illusion of self.

This is an amazing book for anyone that deals with people on a regular basis. It talks about public relations, sales, marketing, and any other business.

The book helps to understand the human condition, behaviour and the roadmap of various practical steps to live a better life.

This book deciphers the different psychology of human behavior and discusses why humans act the way they do.