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Weekly Dose of Optimism (1 July 2022)

First Weekly Dose of Optimism 10 articles, podcasts, essays, books, and videos to give you a jolt of optimism going into the long weekend.

1. Energy Superabundance: How Cheap, Abundant Energy Will Shape Our Future by @elidourado & @Vernon3Austin

"flying cars, hyperloop, sub-orbital point-to-point travel, electric autonomous trucking, vertical farming, water desalination... so much more"

3. Five Reasons Everybody Is Wrong About a U.S. Recession -- Including Me by @DKThomp w/ @conorsen

"Bear markets like this are a fire alarm, and when you look around, you’re not seeing those flames."

3a. The Vibecession by @kylascan
(Bonus! related to podcast above)

"Vibecession - a period of temporary vibe decline where economic data such as trade and industrial activity are relatively okayish"

4. Minerva: Solving Quantitative Reasoning Problems with Language Models from @alewkowycz
& the Google Research Team

"We hope that general models capable of solving quantitative reasoning problems will help push the frontiers of science and education."

5. The surprising use for these gene-edited trees by @cleoabram on @living_carbon

"Sometime soon, humanity is gonna need to take on a responsibility that no species has ever had before: to deliberately, continuously regulate the atmosphere of a planet."

6. CRISPR, 10 Years On by @carlzimmer

"Cancer biologists are using [CRISPR] to discover hidden vulnerabilities of tumor cells. Doctors are using CRISPR to edit genes that cause hereditary diseases."

8. Frontier facilitates first carbon removal purchases by @stripe et al

"The majority of Frontier’s $925M of committed capital will go toward multiyear offtake agreements designed to give the most promising carbon removal solutions a pathway to scale."

9. Not Boring Founders: @aloktayi @vibe_bio

"a community of patients, scientists, and partners committed to identifying, funding and developing promising treatments to rare diseases and empowering patient communities with unprecedented ownership..."

10. Greatness Without Goals - @patrick_oshag w/ @kenneth0stanley on @InvestLikeBest

"I think that to stay on the cutting edge of anything, it requires continually refining your sense of interestingness."