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20 Podcasts for Web3

Podcasts are a free web3 university.

But only if you know the right ones.

Here are 20 podcasts to make you SUPER SMART—for free:

Focus: the one-stop podcast for NFT news, deep dives, and interviews

Standout episode: @farokh Building Communities from Web2 to Web3

Focus: the most interesting people in business, finance, and Bitcoin

Standout episode: @randizuckerberg Educating the Masses About NFTs

Focus: how NFTs are redefining the creative economy and how you can be a part of it

Standout episode: Reese Witherspoon Onboarding Women to Web3

Focus: the go-to podcast for people to learn about Web3

Standout episode: @ljin18 Building the Ownership Economy Together

Focus: helping you identify which trends of today will shape the opportunities of tomorrow

Standout episode: @alexisohanian The Unlimited Potential of Web3

Focus: deconstructing world-class performers to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use

Standout episode: @cdixon and @naval The Wonders of Web3

Focus: What are NFTs? How do you buy and sell NFTs? Is it safe?

Standout episode: @Maliha_z_Ar Cultural Diversity and Representation

Focus: financial freedom and independence with Bitcoin

Standout episode: @saylor Bitcoin is Fire or Electricity

Focus: simplifying cryptocurrency, blockchain, and web3 for beginners

Standout episode: My $325k NFT investment

Focus: dives deep into some of crypto’s most influential leaders

Standout episode: @matthewegould An Alternative to Physical Identities

Focus: crypto, culture and humanity

Standout episode: @Sim_Pop Optimizing for Human Thriving

Focus: the easiest way to stay in the know on all things crypto

Standout episode: The Multichain World