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Recommended Books by 3Blue1Brown

I've put together a small list of textbooks I've thoroughly enjoyed at some time in the past, with the added condition that each one stands out in some way from the surrounding body of math texts. Take each recommendation with a grain of salt, precisely because the pairing of a book to a learner can be so personal, and who I was when I read each of these may be fairly different from who you are now.

This is what I wish I learned from in my freshman year of college. Honestly, the third of it that is about linear algebra is one of the best linear algebra resources out there.

It doesn't pull any punches for the pure math students, but unlike many books with that target audience it stays grounded in frequent numerical examples and scientific applications. The culmination to the generalized Stokes' theorem, as well as the way to frame Maxwell's equations with differential forms, are particularly satisfying.