This took me 14 years to learn, I’ll teach it to you in 2 minutes:
Optimize Your Health

In order to be successful you need to be at peak performance.

Every morning I:
• Do a guided mindfulness meditation
• Get sunlight in my eyes
• Lift heavy weights
• Stretch my body
• Write

Entrepreneurs are athletes.
Experiments > Perfection

Get comfortable being uncomfortable:

• Write daily
• Publish daily
• Get 1% better daily

Don’t wait.

Start now.

Done > Perfect
Build a Content System Day 1

Content increases your surface area for luck.

You need to build a system to:

• Follow a content schedule
• Build content formats
• Formulate a funnel

Hit publish daily and good things happen.
Build Your Revenue Funnel

The goal is to convert your dream customer to your product:

• Rented audience: Attract people on Twitter and LinkedIn
• Owned audience: Convert them to your newsletter
• Monetized audience: Get them to pay for your product
Excellence is a Habit

You are what you continually do.

The Super Bowl is won in the preseason.

Your day begins the night before:

• Curate your priorities before you go to bed
• Wake up
• Complete 3 big tasks
• Go into nature
• Come back and tackle more
• Repeat
Fall in Love With The Process

There is no shortcut to success. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Enjoy the small wins:

• You wrote a draft. Great work.
• You sent a big email. Great work.
• You closed a small deal. Great work.

Success is about stacking tiny wins.
Be Obsessed With Learning

The most successful people are lifelong learners:

• Learn from people on Twitter
• Watch YouTube videos
• Listen to podcasts

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”
Your Network is Your Net Worth

Create your personal Board of Advisors.

Here’s mine:

• Sales: @alexhormozi
• Writing: @dickiebush
• YouTube: @Codie_Sanchez
• Community: @gregisenberg
• Strategy: @businessbarista

Who are your advisors?
Have a Bias for Action

Get addicted to momentum.

If you know you should do something, do it in 5 seconds:

• Send the email
• Write the post
• Call that person
• Express gratitude

Don't wait.

Life is too short.

Take action and have fun.
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