@amyalkon @GaryMarcus An AI robot that can be dropped in front of a random house and without any assistance go in the house and make a cup of coffee - locate all the materials, measure water and grounds, operate the pot, pour servings and add cream/sugar as you specify.
@amyalkon @GaryMarcus It's a great way of differentiating niche/narrow AI from AGI - for example alphaGO beat Lee Sedol at GO; but Lee can also drive a car, cook food, play other games and exists withing a self-healing, generic calorie powered, self-motive, organic structure.

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This is really embarrassing. I don’t drink nor know how to make coffee and I just realized I would fail the “Woz” test for robot AI. “Trust me I’m real even though I can’t make coffee” Great thread on AI: