Jeff Bezos wrote 24 shareholder letters.

They are FILLED with timeless business & investing wisdom.

Here are 5 key lessons that every investor, entrepreneur, and manager should know:
Lesson: Mission over Competition

Don’t allow the desire to be the best to fuel you. That's living in reaction to others.

Instead, be driven by the internal motivation to fulfill your mission.
Lesson: Don’t give in to equilibrium

The world wants everything to come into equilibrium. It’s less effort, which makes it appealing.

But giving in means you lose the most important thing: your distinctiveness
Lesson: Wandering vs efficiency

Efficiency can be great. But, it makes you fragile.

Without a counterbalance, there’s a world of missed opportunities.

The solution: wandering
Lesson: How to Invent

You must actively pursue failure.

Amazon’s grave of failed ideas has lots of residents, but they are all canceled out by the incredible success of AWS
Lesson: Two types of decisions

One-way doors vs. two-way doors

Knowing the difference is crucial
I keep a google sheet that has links to the best:

▪️ Shareholder Letters
▪️ Free Investing Resources
▪️ Books
▪️ Podcasts
▪️ Youtube channels

....and more that I find

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To review, Bezos’ five most important lessons:

1⃣Focus on mission over competition
2⃣Don’t give in to equilibrium
3⃣Wandering counter-balances efficiency
4⃣Invent by embracing failure
5⃣2-Way Doors vs 1-Way Doors
I'll end with this timeless quote from Bezos in response to the volatility of Amazon's stock: