If I had a time machine...

I'd return to the start of my career 7+ years ago.

And teach myself these 11 essential copywriting lessons (to save years of trial and error and lost sales):
Sell The Transformation:

Your customers don't want product features.

They want to know how your product turns them into a better version of themselves.
The Hook Makes Or Breaks You:

80% of people never get past the headline.

Write sharper hooks with these quick-hitting tips:
• Personalize
• Use numbers
• Poke pain points
• Make a bold claim
• Address objections
• Sell the desired outcome
Merciless Editing:

Don't think. Get your 1st draft down.

Be generous when writing copy (write as much as you want).

Be ruthless when editing copy (edit as if it costs you money).
Ignore Proper Grammar:

Nobody gives a shit if you use the Oxford comma or not.

Write like you talk.

Keep it simple.

Keep it clear.
Use Transition Words:

• But
• And
• Still
• You see
• However
• Moving on

This helps you abruptly start a new paragraph/sentence.

And increase flow & continuity in your copy.
Presentation Matters:

• This is example #1
• Example #2
•bullet number 3

• It's funny
• How clean bullets
• Look soooo much better
Use Numbers Whenever Possible:

"Lose fat" - Meh

"Lose fat in 14 days" - Good

"Lose 3 pounds in 14 days" - Best
Contractions > Expansion:

Contractions make your writing more fluent.

• I’d
• I’ve
• Isn't

It gives a human touch to your words.

And makes you sound like you're talking instead of telling.
Don't Tell Them, Show Them:

Instead of just talking about the product or service...

Show them how your previous customers benefitted.

e.g. Use testimonials & case studies.

Paint the picture.
Write For One Person:

When you try to write for everybody, you come across as vanilla.

Plain. Generic. Borrrrring.

When you write with one person in mind, you'll establish a stronger connection with the reader.

They'll think: "this person gets me."
Clear Copy >>> Clever Copy

Don't try to be cute.

Highlight the value you provide quickly and clearly.

As David Ogilvy once said:

"Never use jargon words like reconceptualize, demassification, etc. They are hallmarks of a pretentious ass."
That's a wrap. Thanks for reading!

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