How to go minimalist.

Declutter 5 life areas:
First, why minimalism?

• An uncluttered life promotes mental clarity

• Fewer possessions = more freedom/optionality

• Avoid the hedonic treadmill (pursuing one pleasure after another without experiencing any material change in happiness)

Here we go, 5 areas to declutter...
Relationship Clutter

Evaluate your relationships.

• Spend more time with people who give you energy
• Spend less time with people who steal your energy
• If you're introverted, block out time to be alone
Physical Clutter

Pare down to essential items.

Then, manage both inbound & outbound possessions.

• Choose quality > quantity
• Purchase less; love every single item more

• Follow the 1 In, 1 Out Rule:

"If you buy one item—donate, sell, or toss another."
Digital Clutter

Your digital environment is either producing clarity or complexity.

Choose clarity:

• Turn off notifications
• Organize projects in Notion
• Manage email with 3-21-0 Method
• Use a password manager
• Tidy your mobile images; offload saves to the cloud
Financial Clutter

Simplify your finances:

• Use your money to buy time
• Cancel unused subscriptions
• Automate your bills, savings, investments
• Pay off debt with the Avalanche Method (Google it)
• Budget with the 50/30/20 Rule
(50% Needs, 30% Wants, 20% Savings)
Time Clutter

Create unstructured, open space in your life.

• Block out time for non-doing on your calendar
• Take a break from social media + the news
• Accept fewer meetings
• Make "No" your default (see next tweet)
Normalize making 'No' your default.

Whether it's new work projects or social gatherings,

Saying 'Yes' to non-priorities ruins your priorities.

In the words of Mark Manson

If it's not a 'fuck yes,'

It's a no.
TL;DR How to Go Minimalist

Declutter 5 life areas:

• Relationship Clutter
• Physical Clutter
• Digital Clutter
• Financial Clutter
• Time Clutter

Minimalism is your path to freedom.
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