The Global Digital Rights Charter (GDRC 1) by @punk6529 and co is here.

A thread on what it is and why you should care.

(TL;DR: It is for our future and the future of our children)
A necessary disclaimer:

◾ What is GDRC - A brief summary
◾ Why is it needed for our future
◾ Why should you care
◾ How to contribute (free stuff included!):

Let's dive ⤵️
◾ What is GDRC - A brief summary:

DGRC is, or aspires to be, to digital rights what UDHR is to human rights.

UDHR stands for "Universal Declaration of Human Rights," a landmark document that has been recognized as a significant milestone in the history of human rights.
To understand its significance better, UDHR has helped to create a global consensus around the importance of human rights and is being invoked in legal cases around the world to protect the rights of individuals and groups.

Back to the Charter now:
It's is a document that outlines a set of digital rights that apply to individuals in the digital realm. It asserts that people have certain inalienable rights in the digital realm, just as they have in the physical realm.
These digital rights include the right to:

• life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the digital realm
• own and control digital objects without unreasonable burdens
• transact digital objects without unreasonable burdens
• use decentralized applications without unreasonable burdens
• be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures of digital objects
• participate in the creation and maintenance of digital public commons
• privacy in the digital realm, including the use of encryption
• be treated in a non-discriminatory manner
• exit from any digital service by claiming personal digital data
• speak, assemble, practice religion, conduct research, and petition the government in the digital realm
• define contractual rights in the digital realm
• act anonymously or through pseudonymous identities or software agents, while maintaining personal responsibility for their actions

and the obligation to comply with relevant laws and regulations while respecting the rights of others.

(link to the whole document below)
◾ Why is it needed for our future:

As we increasingly live our lives in the digital realm, we need to ensure that our fundamental rights and freedoms are protected in this new world just as they are in the physical world.
The charter aims to establish a set of universal standards that governments, individuals, and organizations can use to ensure that everyone's digital rights are protected and respected.
In a metaphorical sense, it's like building a new city in the digital world.
Just as we need laws and regulations to ensure that our physical cities are safe, secure, and protect our rights, we need a similar framework to ensure that the digital city we are building is also safe.
GDRC provides this framework and serves as a blueprint for building a fair and equitable digital society.
◾ Why should you care:

As a digital citizen, you should care about the Charter because it seeks to protect and guarantee your fundamental rights in the digital realm.

Some more palpable reasons:
1. Protection of individual freedoms:

Imagine if you were not able to express your opinions online or access information freely, just because you lived in a certain country or held a certain belief.
2. Encouraging innovation and progress:

A person may own a large collection of digital music and movies that they have purchased online.

If their accounts are hacked or their digital possessions are deleted, they would lose all their content and the money they spent on it.
3. Digital literacy is crucial for personal and professional success:

An individual may need to use digital tools and software to perform their job.

If they lack the necessary digital skills, they may struggle to find employment or advance in their career.
4. Safeguarding personal data and privacy:

Protecting digital rights also means safeguarding personal data and privacy, which is crucial in an era where data breaches and privacy violations are becoming increasingly common.
5. Digital inequalities can exacerbate existing social, economic, and political disparities:

Students from low-income families may lack access to reliable internet or digital devices, making it difficult for them to complete their schoolwork and participate in online learning.
◾ How to contribute:

There are several ways that individuals or organizations can contribute:
1. Endorse the Charter:

Show their support by endorsing the Charter.

By doing so, they are signaling their commitment to upholding the principles outlined in the Charter and their belief in the importance of protecting digital rights.

It could be simple as RTing this thread.
2. Spread Awareness:

Share information about the Charter through social media, or other means to raise awareness and encourage others to support it.

For example, I've translated the Charter to Greek (link in description) you can do it for your language too.
3. Advocate for Digital Rights:

Advocate for digital rights by engaging with policymakers and advocating for policies that align with the principles of the GDRC, such as policies that protect privacy, prevent online censorship, and promote digital inclusion.
4. Participate in Discussions:

While attending conferences, webinars, or other events focused on these issues, bring up digital rights and the GDRC in your discussions.

For example, consider bringing this up if you'll be attending @goexpoverse, @NFTLAlive or @NFTTallinn.
"OK, would my digital rights be protected if I shared this?"

No, sharing the GDRC will not directly protect an individual's digital rights.

However, it can contribute to raising awareness and advocating for the protection of digital rights at a global level.
"Are you chasing windmills?"

No, the protection of digital rights is becoming increasingly important as technology plays an ever-greater role in our lives.

GDRC is a step in that direction, and by raising awareness and advocating for it, we can make a meaningful difference.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead
If you managed to reach this tweet, you genuinely care about your digital rights.

Hats off.
That's it!

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◾Mint the Charter here (from @6529er, only gas, cc0):
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If you're interested in reading more, check these out:

@punk6529's relevant thread:

◾ GDRC official website (FAQ included):

A free template for a letter to your local lawmaker:

The link is in the description.

The document is restricted, so go to File>Make a Copy.

Make it count.
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