Want FREE AI Avatars of yourself?

Make your Own Avatars with @leap_api in less than 20 mins

How to make your AI-generated Avators for FREE👇
1️⃣ Creating A Model:

We'll create a model with the dashboard

1. First, go to Fine Tuning and select "Create Model."
2. Next, add a title for the model (e.g. "Santhosh model") and a subject keyword (e.g. "@santhosh") and click "Create"
2️⃣ Uploading Image Samples :

Insert your image samples now. Training can be done on people, objects, or styles. As an example, we'll train on Santhosh.

1. Resize your image samples to 512*512 for better results,
2. Upload 3+ images with a clear view and click upload.
3️⃣ Queueing A Training Job :

- Finally, after you've uploaded your image samples, click "Train New Version" to start training.

- You should get an email when your model is done training and ready to generate images!
4️⃣ Generating Images w/ Your Model :

- When your model has finished training, the status should have changed to "Finished".

- Now, in the playground, you'll be able to generate images by clicking "Generate".
- Add the "@me" identifier to your prompt and try out a few example prompts to get great-looking AI Avatars!

👉 "portrait of @me 8k photorealistic pretty young"
👉 "8k portrait of @me in van gogh starry night style"

Check out the Leap API guide:
@Me Here is another great thread on how to build your avatars completely with no-code tools!

Tech stack: @leap_api, Google Forms, Zapier, Sendgrid

@Me @leap_api That's a wrap! & Thank you for Reading

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