I built the Only Habit Tracker you need.

Here's how it works: 📊
It's not too late to build new habits in 2023.

With this in mind, I thought it'd be useful to create a simple, fun, & easy-to-use habit tracker in Google Sheets.

If you'd rather jump to the end and just grab the template, be my guest.

If you wanna see it works, read on:
Step 1: Setup

To begin we'll create a simple "Setup" worksheet where we can choose to enter Daily Habits and have them populate across each month.

• Create Header
• Format with alternating colors
• Enter Habits

Here's an example (we'll come back to this later):
Step 2: January Setup

Here we'll create a framework for our January tab.

• Monthly Header
• Daily Habits Header
• Week # Headers
• Array Formula For Daily Habits

This formula will pull the habits from your setup tab into the monthly sheets.

Like this:
Step 3: Checkboxes & Weekly Completed

Next, we'll add a series of checkboxes for each task on each individual day.

I also like to add a simple COUNTIF formula at the end of each row.

This will show the number of times each task has been completed for the month.
Step 4: Daily Percentage Complete

Here we'll add a few more COUNTIF formulas along with some Conditional Formatting to view our daily progress.

• Tasks Done
• Tasks Not Done
• Daily Percentage Complete

See here:
Step 5: Daily Productivity Chart

There's just something about looking at a chart that seems to motivate me to keep going.

In this step, we'll add a smooth line chart to the top of our worksheet and connect it to our checkboxes.

Like this:
Step 6: Progress Meter

For our last metric we'll create a cool progress bar to show the following:

• Percentage of daily habits completed for the week

• Green progress meter that fills as items are checked off our list

See formulas in GIF:

Step 7: Weekly Habits

I've also added a small section at the bottom of each month for weekly habits.

Things you might not do each day, but you'd like to accomplish every week.

Follow a similar format as detailed above.

• Weekly Headers
• Checkboxes
• Progress Meter
Step 8: Complete

Now that January is done, repeat the steps above to build out each month.

If you'd rather save some time & get straight to tracking your habits...

Grab the finished product using the link below!
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