Things I'm doing at 33 to avoid regret when I'm 85:
1. Sip, don't gulp. Gently reminding myself that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Patience in my 30s will help me avoid rash decisions and ensure I am optimizing for the life I want.
2. Investing in personal relationships. Building relationships with incredible people gives me energy, ambition, and happiness.

3. Personal Health #1. I want to make sure I will have the energy and ability at 85 to keep pursuing my interests and passions.
4. Be aware that I'm breathing. Too often we never appreciate just living and what that truly means.

5. Read and write daily. They are the most nourishing forms of meditation and enable me to maintain a habit of continuous learning and curiosity.
6. Embrace the journey. I want to build a lifestyle that enables me to value each step I take and build memories that I can look back on.

7. Never conform to the norm. I want to make decisions built to optimize my family in the future (city selection, homeschooling kids, etc.)
8. Dispel hate. Hate is a pointless emotion that spreads rapidly.

9. Don't fall into the trap of constant aimlessness. I don't want to watch TV aimlessly. This doesn't mean to value TV less. Value it more by being selective when you watch it and why.
10. Be near nature. I want to build on a plot of land. I want to plant trees, be near trees and fall in love with nature.

11. Stop over worrying. I want to get rid of my habit for letting unrealistic scenarios dominate my brain.
12. Practice yoga and mindfulness. I want to have control over my mind and body in an era where technology's goal is to disrupt that.

13. Be transparent with myself. I want to let my thoughts flow and have a true conversation with my inner mind.
14. Build an understanding of philosophy. I want to understand fundamental human behaviour and broaden my perspective

15. Attain economic freedom. I want to build generational wealth and retire my parents. I want 3 generations of Gray's to have the freedom of time together.
16. Be brave. I want to build a habit of believing in myself more, so by the time I am 85, I won't have missed anything I regret.
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The only thing worse than failure is regret. Nice thread, Matt