In high school I was trying to flirt with a girl in the computer lab.

It was her birthday.

I extend my hand to give her a high five/hand hold hybrid deal.

She stares and goes, “Is that a high five?”

I say, “Um ya.”

She taps it and walks out.

That girl is now my wife.
I stand by the fact that the high five / hand hold hybrid situation is a solid move.

If they take it as a high five it’s easy to make it a friendly vibe.

If they take it as a hand hold you’re on cloud 9.

Just probably didn’t help my cause that I looked like this at the time…
We started dating a month later.

I’d steal my mom’s MAC concealer to cover up my zits when we’d hang.

It fell out of my pocket in front of her. I got shook and said I had picked it up for my mom at the store and forgotten to give it back.

Drove home to sell the lie.

Moral of the Story:

Do super embarrassing shit early in your relationship.

If the person still likes you, it might just be meant to be.
Hot take: Having “game” is super overrated.

Most of my friends who focused on having “game” have struggled to find meaningful relationships.

Most my friends who were goofy/awkward and got comfortable with that have found incredible partnerships.

Just an observation…
You’ve probably heard of the High Five.

But 99.7% of people are doing it wrong.

Here’s how to High Five your way to the life of your dreams:

We’ve come a long way since the high five hand hold incident of 2007…

2013 to 2023

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

I told y’all cold plunges work magic!

LOL at anyone asking if I had cosmetic surgery.


That “transformation” is just losing 30 pounds (215 vs. 185) through consistent daily effort and designing a life/career that brought happiness and joy.

No miracle drugs or surgeries needed…
Crazy to think that an awkward high five hand hold 15 years ago turned into this.

The universe is wild…

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