This image captures the 3 relevant categories of people at the moment:

Regime Automatons: Slightly less than human. Not by birth, by choice.

The Herd: Disapproving but demoralized & scared.

The Ones That Matter: Enraged with moral certainty plus the agency to act on it. 1/18
The primary conflict is between two of these groups, so let’s start with the character of Nurse Ratched. A pleasant looking figure, no indication of any malice whatsoever. Smiling. Well groomed. Just doing her job. Which is helping people by the way. 2/18
But is she? There seems to be a calculating mind behind those eyes- speaking of which, they don’t seem to indicate respect or compassion for those she’s responsible for, but a hint of barely concealed resentment 3/18
Until a bit of disobedience makes the mask slip and it’s not concealed at all. You didn’t like the lockdowns? You aren’t listening to the experts? You dare defy MY recommendations? ME?! Who do you think you are, you worm, you insect, you nobody? 4/18
You WILL trust the experts. You WILL trust The Science. You WILL love our beloved democracy. You WILL believe in equality. You WILL stop recognizing patterns. You WILL stop thinking much of anything. We WILL do your thinking for you. 5/18
Of course, they aren’t the aggressors, they’re the victims. “Help! Disinformation is strangling our society by interfering with opinions stated by those with proper credentials! People who don’t like me are a threat to *cough*…our…*cough*…sacred…*cough*…. democracy” 6/18
This image is a pretty good litmus test for your politics: do you regard this man with respect, or disgust? 7/18
What kind of monster would do such a thing? Us! We’re nice guys. Really! Affable, easygoing, can get along with anyone. Put us anywhere and we’ll almost always be fine 8/18
We’re leaders, people seem to like us. Life is short, we like having a good time and we’re good at having a good time. Even with no baseball game on the TV, we find a way for everyone to enjoy themselves. 9/18
We are un-demoralizable. We can’t be domesticated, controlled, brainwashed or broken. As a matter of fact, by sheer virtue of our attitudes, those around us begin to possess less of those qualities in themselves. 10/18
But we don’t ignore the world around us. Quite the opposite. Most don’t have the strength to bear the weight of reality. We do. No one taught us how or why, it’s just a self-evident responsibility. So we monitor reality and all the unpleasantness that comes with it 11/18
But reality has a threshold of a certain level of repugnance where we can’t just monitor it. Like I said, responsibility comes naturally to us. McMurphy’s expression is the processing of a new level of evil. “You did what? Why? Stop it. Don’t take us both down this path" 12/18
As we’re forced to swallow moral atrocities committed with inhuman detachment day after day, our bodies begin to physiologically change to adjust to the hostility of our environment. Our faces harden, reflecting the same change in our hearts. “You motherfuckers.” 13/18
We’ve shed any semblance of shared identity with our supposed superiors, who we now view in the same manner as McMurphy does to Ratched- a lion eying down a zebra if the zebra was dumb enough to attack him and what he loved first. This cannot stand. This will not stand. 14/18
Not looking for someone else to deal with the problem for us. Not looking at our fellow patients. Not looking at anything else, really. Looking at one thing and one thing alone. 15/18
Most people will be viscerally repelled by anyone who admits they identify with this image. You’re weird. You’re creepy. You’re insane, actually. Only a severely disturbed mind could possibly view anything resembling this action as anything but evil, let alone a moral good 16/18
But I can say without hesitation: If I had to live 1000 lifetimes, I would proudly identify with someone who can’t be broken over someone who enjoys breaking others every single time. 17/18
We live in an open air asylum and are the only sane ones in it. Fuck this place and the ones who run it. Spiritual Randle McMurphy’s stand up. 18/18
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