Distracted, overwhelmed, then give up...

You don't have to be stuck

If you are struggling to be consistent, read this:
Just do something

The smallest act beats avoiding it/doing nothing

Here's a simple flow:
Plan -> Act -> Review

There is no proper preparation
There is never enough info
There is no perfect way
There is no right time

No goal is unreachable
Don't let mind games steal your motivation.

- playing someone else's game
- believing you're not enough
- waiting for inspiration
- relying on intentions
- wanting certainty
Program your motivation by

Increase tasks:
Expectancy (chance of reaching your goal)
Value (how important your goal is)

Decrease tasks:
Impulsiveness (chose long-term over short-term)
Delay (shorten how long it takes to get there)
Stop hiding

Fear/doubt distracts from your dreams

- allowing self-doubt to control your actions
- hiding your excitement by “being cool”

- bringing energy to each situation
- sharing your abilities each day

Show up
Find the right crew

You become who you are with

Remember your friends'
- goals become your goals
- habits become your habits
- success becomes your success

Be with people who create a better you
Let go of people who drain you
Train your focus

Stop believing your focus will always be broken

You can train your thinking skills by:

Sitting quietly
Reading a book
Listening to music
Practicing gratitude
Do one thing at a time

Just start with a couple of minutes, then increase your time
Protect your time

You only have a few minutes of clear time each day. The greatest resource you have is your time. You can use this to invest in yourself, your health, your career, and your family.

Is what you're doing right now aligned with your dreams?
Finding contexts that align your actions with values

If your environment is,
... leave or change it
Return when you fall down

Plan on pitfalls
Attend to your energy
Remember your intention
Let go of "what it should be"
Return and forgive when you notice your distracted
How to stay consistent

Just start
Stop hiding
Train your focus
Refine your mind
Protect your time
Find the right crew
Find the right context
Program your motivation
Return when you fall down
You can find success too. Choose what you want. Work to get it.

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