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Islamic geometric patterns can be seen as a precursor of computer generative art

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Roman Verostko, the co-founder of the algorists, declared Islamic geometric patterns are algorithms, clearly positioning them as predecessors to modern algorithmic art.
Islamic art has long been admired for its intricate and complex designs, often incorporating geometric shapes and patterns as you could find in a long-form generative art collection
Computer generative art involves using algorithms and mathematical formulas to create works of art. Islamic art uses a similar approach, using mathematical principles to create abstract and intricate designs.
In fact, Islamic art has been described as "mathematical art" since many designs are based on geometric shapes and patterns.
Keith Critchlow suggests that Islamic patterns serve a purpose beyond mere decoration, to guide the viewer towards a deeper understanding of the underlying reality like a work of art.
Like most creative coders using p5js, many Islamic designs are built on squares and circles, typically repeated and overlapped.
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