The person you marry will be the most important decision you ever make.

Here are 14 Rules for You

Before you say, I Do:
• They're Their Own Person

As a couple, you need Time:

• For yourself
• For them
• Together

It won't work out if they can't be alone and aren't okay with you being alone.

A strong independent partner is what you need to be a long-term life partner.
• They Own Their Shit

You're 50% responsible for your relationship

And, 100% responsible for your actions.

You need a partner who takes 100% responsibility for their actions and

50% responsibility for your relationship.
• They Understand Their Shadows

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

You want a partner who has made the unconscious conscious.

A partner who chooses their life and actions.
• They Challenge You

You are a team.

On any team, you want teammates who challenge each other.

Teammates who push each other to be better every single day.

A great partner in life challenges you to be your best.
• You Want To Be Better For Them

Being challenged is one thing.

Responding to the challenge is another.

If you want to be better for them, it's a sign they may be the one you've been waiting for.
• They Support You

Being challenged, and rising to the challenge, are the start.

A true teammate and life partner challenges you to be better and supports you in your efforts.

As you are to them, they are your cheerleader and help you rise to new levels.
• They Share Your Values

Your faiths align.

Your beliefs align.

You share a moral compass.
• They Share Your Goals

You share a vision.

You want the same things in life.

You are in a boat, rowing in the same direction together.
• They Speak Your Love Language

Do you know what your love language is?

If not, read the book the Five Love Languages and share your languages.

If they are the one, they will know your love language and be willing to speak it.

They will fill your love tank.
• You Speak Their Love Language

If you have different love languages, make sure you speak theirs.

Often, you'll have different love languages and it's okay.

Remember to speak each other's love language instead of speaking your language to them.
• You Can Talk For Hours

You love to talk to each other.

When you're in a conversation, time flies by.

It doesn't matter what the topic is,

You know you'll enjoy talking about it with them for hours.
• You Complement Each Other

In a partnership, you need someone who can cover your back and vice versa.

One of you may be better with cash flow analysis,

While the other is better with investing.

Have conversations to understand how to work best together.
• You Compliment Each Other

Do you value them?

Do they value you?

Do you communicate that to each other?

When your partner compliments the behaviors they value, and vice versa, you keep doing them.

Compliment each other, always.
• Life Without Them

You can't imagine life without them.

When you sleep at night, you want to be beside them.

When you wake up, you want to see their face.

26 Years Ago, I wrote a song for my girlfriend (now wife) telling her those two things.

To avoid heartache in the biggest decision you'll make, ensure they:

• Support You
• Challenge You
• Own Their Shit
• Share Your Goals
• Share Your Values
• Are their Own Person
• Understand Their Shadows

And, ensure you can't imagine life without them.
Appreciate you reading to here.

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