If you want to live a life that matters,

Here's the only roadmap you'll ever need.

5 powerful habits of a life well-lived:
My family recently gathered to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday.

Through an evening of stories from children, grandchildren, and friends,

She was honored for her impact.

Everyone wants their life to matter.

But few know how to make sure it does.

If that's you, start here:
Show Up:

As complicated as life can be,

So much hinges on simply showing up.

In a world where people feel passed over and dismissed,

Presence is inherently powerful.
The grandkids spoke of how meaningful it was to see my mom in the stands at their events.

Her friends told stories of critical moments when she was physically there.

There was nothing noteworthy about it.

She was just consistently, faithfully there.

And it meant something.
Genuinely and Joyfully Share Your Gifts:

All of us have gifts and passions to offer the world around us.

And when you offer them with genuineness and joy,

People can feel it.

So many of life's ills are solved by the glory of an act of genuine love.
My mom is a gifted chef.

Many people praised the food she's made them over the years.

But her impact wasn't in the food.

It was in the love she expressed by providing it.

She joyfully offered her gifts to others.

And it meant something.
Hope In The Unexpected:

Impact comes in unexpected ways.

Broken relationships are suddenly rebuilt.

New relationships spring up seemingly out of nowhere.

A single conversation changes everything.

Hold onto your hope in the unexpected.

It keeps you in the game.
My mom has 3 siblings.

Each of them spoke of the many ways she has changed their lives.

Not long ago they rarely spoke to each other.

Yet my mom, full of love for her siblings, kept pursuing them.

She kept hoping something unexpected could happen.

And it meant something.
Be Firm In Your Convictions:

Wishy-washy people are easily forgotten.

Our lives are changed by those few who know exactly what they stand for...

And live it out.

They don't feel the need to go around telling everyone what they believe.

Their commitment speaks for itself.
My mom knows what she believes and is willing to stand her ground.

My dad recalled a time when he was ready to walk out on their marriage.

My mom looked him square in the eyes and said:

"Like it or not, we're married for life."

And it meant something.
Never Underestimate the Power of Play:

Humans are wired to bond over shared experience.

And nothing binds us together like play.

Playfulness opens our souls.

It creates belonging.

It refreshes the weary.

It spawns tender memories.

Impact and laughter are intimate allies.
Many kids love their grandmother.

But my mother's grandkids *enjoy* theirs.

When her life has ended and my kids reflect on the impact she's had,

Their stories will start with card games around the kitchen table.

My mom has always loved to play.

And it meant something.
I was inspired to ask myself:

- Who are you showing up for?

- Are you sharing your gifts joyfully?

- What are you hopefully pursuing?

- What do you stand for?

- How can you respond to life's troubles with play?

Because I want a life that matters.

And that means something.
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