here's a simple hack I used to take @safara_travels from ~200 views to 40K+ views on a brand new tiktok account (thread)
if you're not optimizing tiktok SEO & keywords, you're missing out on THOUSANDS of views

what is tiktok SEO? keywords in captions, hashtags & in-video text

@safara_travels ranked #1 on "best hotels in nyc" which directed search traffic to our video (even weeks after I posted)
what you need to know:

1. find keywords in your niche

- type your niche in the tiktok search bar
- you'll get trending searches & most frequent searches
- use those as the topics & hooks for your videos

I started with "hotels" & "travel" for @safara_travels
2. search volume

- some keywords are searched more than others, thus harder to rank higher
- aim for a mix of ranking high on difficult but popular searches and ranking high across easy but less popular searches

we ranked #1 for both nyc (44k video views) & sf (5k video views)
3. how to tell if keywords are working

- look at the search bar at the top of your video
- empty = the algorithm is not categorizing your content & thus does not know how to serve it to the right audience
- filled in = these are the search keywords your video is associated with
p.s. optimizing to rank high on tiktok also means your videos are surfaced on google searches too (huge!)

hit me up if you have any brand tiktok advice, would love to jam too ๐Ÿ™ s/o @mandelapatrick_ for being the goat on this topic!
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