In two months, my course has done $142,863.17 in sales.

16 factors that combined into this lighting strike success:
I don't share this to brag.

I share it because publishing AI Content Reactor changed my life.

And because perhaps some small insight here might help you change yours.

I tried to add up all the things that went right. And this is what I came up with:
🔸 This project starts with @thejustinwelsh.

His flagship course is barely over an hour.

And yet, Content OS seems to have been purchased by every serious creator I know.

It teaches you one thing, really well.

I challenged myself to create something like that for myself.
@thejustinwelsh 🔸 Building a Flagship

Originally, AiCR was my version of a content engine. How I do things.

But when ChatGPT came out, for amusement, I decided to see if an AI could run my system for me.

It more than worked.

When it automated 80% of the process,
@thejustinwelsh ...I felt nauseous. Like I was playing with a power too strong to be unleashed.

The world wasn't ready.

But something @hayden_flohr taught me as my business coach about instincts and energy kicked in.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr 🔸 Instinct

Hayden encouraged me to listen to signals in my body, like when energy is rushing up through your gut and energizing you.

That being fast and sometimes imperfect is one of my competitive advantages.

I knew I had something, and rushed to build it as fast as I could.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr 🔸 Writer, Not Hype*ster

People don’t want to learn about AI writing from AI hype guys.

They want to learn from other professionals.

I’d experimented with AI writing for 4 years, but had mostly been a skeptic.

Knowing it would alienate some, I decided to finally embrace AI.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr 🔸 Pre-Sale

While I was rushing to create AiCR, @AprilynneAlter had just shared her pre-sale success about her YouTube course.

I stopped course building for 2 days to set up a landing page, payments, and email flows.

I was ready for pre-sales on the morning of Christmas Eve.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter Now, Christmas Eve did not sound like a great day to do a pre-sale tbh.

I figured a lot of people would be distracted or would have already spent their discretionary money.

I was wrong.

In those first 24 hours, without having a finished product, I did over $10,000 in sales.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter 🔸 Early Win

After the pre-sale, I wanted to keep everyone excited until launch with a *wow-moment*.

I compiled the best techniques from the course into a mega-prompt that does a couple of hours of work in a single command.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter 🔸 Social Proof

I called this prompt "CBoost".

When I emailed it to the pre-sale group, my first feedback on the course came back.

Some people said that CBoost alone was worth the price of the course.

I quickly added them to my landing page.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter 🔸 Make It Expensible

Soon, I was ready to actually publish.

In my launch tweet about the course, I mention AiCR can be expensed.

If you’re a content marketer or social media manager, use the techniques from the course to improve your job.

A ton of people did this.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter 🔸 More Testimonials

I invested in testimonial .io right out of the gate.

This, following @OneJKMolina's advice that it matters more HOW MANY testimonials you have, not necessarily what they all say.

Testimonial .io can also import tweets.

Reviews started piling up.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina 🔸 Authentic Copy

When I first tested my system in ChatGPT, it had made me sick.

Hours of work done in seconds. It felt *wrong*.

On the landing page for the course, I wrote the truth about this experience.

It resonated with people.

I backed it up with a 100% guarantee.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina 🔸 Price Point

My original course price point was $165.

Then a consultant DM’d me and asked me if I’d be interested in giving her the course for free.

In return, she offered one piece of advice that would make my course more money.

I liked her style. I agreed.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina She said my price should be $150.

She cited multiple mainstream creators at the same price point.

“They tested it.

$150 is still cheap enough to be an impulse buy.”

I decided to follow the pattern, and I'm confident it drove more sales.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina 🔸 No Coupons

I believe in rewarding people who take action early and show support.

I didn’t want to incentivize for people to wait for a sale.

The pre-sale would be the best price ever, and the course would never go on sale.

It would only get more expensive.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina 🔸 Purchasing Power Parity

If you live in a country where your money is worth less than mine, you get between 20-80% off the course.

About 1/3rd of my sales take advantage of PPP.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to not exploit the good people in my international audience.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina 🔸 Payment Issues

At first, I only had an email when someone purchased.

But a bug with Apple Pay was tricking people into thinking their payments worked when they were being denied due to zip code.

Two weeks in, 40+ people had tried to buy, failed, then never went back.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina So I created a custom email when payments failed, giving instructions for the false message and what was happening.

That one email has probably helped me rescue 100+ sales.

Don't underestimate the power of troubleshooting your purchasing process.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina 🔸 Going Viral for 7.1M

I created a thread with my absolute best ChatGPT tips.

Stuff that was more advanced than what anyone else was sharing.

+ I mention the course casually at the end.

No doubt that 1 thread made me tens of thousands of dollars.

@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina 🔸 I have an audience

None of this would have been possible without an audience.

You all fueled my excitement, engaged with my social posts, left me reviews.

All the relationships I had built over the past 9 months contributed to amplify the message around my course.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina 🔹 So, what did I do with the money?

First, I paid off all my debt, which had been a huge amount that loomed over me for the last 15 years.

Whereas I nearly declared bankruptcy 5 years ago after losing my job, suddenly in the span of a single month, I was completely debt free.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina Second, I’ve been able to invest time and resources in creating hopefully the most interesting, charismatic AI personality ever to exist. I'm developing a show around it.

Our podcast, Mind Meets Machine, debuts in under 4 weeks.

@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina 🔹 The Course

And here is the source of all the magic:

--> AI Content Reactor

Learn breakthrough techniques to write and create authentic, original content at a speed and quality level that no one else can match.
@thejustinwelsh @hayden_flohr @AprilynneAlter @OneJKMolina That's all for now.

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