I can write a draft for a 2,000-word article in less than an hour.

It used to take ages, but these speed-writing tips shaved hours from the process.

If you're a slow writer, this thread will help you finish your articles in half the time you're used to:
I spent years perfecting this system I'm about to give you in the span of minutes.

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Now, for the tips
Fast Writers "Assemble" Their Posts Instead of Writing Them:

Writing a post without an outline is like trying to build a house without a blueprint.

If you take time to assemble the ideas in an outline first, you just have to fill in the blanks with words.
How to Structure a Blog Post:

Ask yourself: what's the ONE thing I want readers to take away from this post?

After that, every other part of your outline supports the big idea:

- Plot out the main points
- Add bullets underneath each main point
- Have quotes and stats handy
Write "TUFD":

TUFD stands for The ugly first draft.

When writing your first draft:

- Don't correct typos
- Don't edit while you write
- Don't look up any information

Expect it to suck. This gets rid of the pressure. Your only goal when writing the first draft -- finish it.
Use These Techniques to Avoid Getting Stuck During Your Draft:

- Add placeholders
- Don't write the intro or conclusion first, start in the middle
- Don't try to write clever sub-headings (I always put "Add Sub-Head Here" as a placeholder)

You can come back and fill these in.
Important Speed Writing Lessons:

You write too slowly because you "task switch," which fries your brain and compounds the time it takes to finish each step.

Instead, batch tasks:

- Drafts with placeholders
- Filling in placeholders
- Editing

Do one type of activity at a time
Use the 3-Step Editing System:

The digital writing world moves too fast to spend endless time editing.

I cut myself off after 3 edits:

- Edit 1: Fill in placeholders + review structure/make big cuts
- Edit 2: Check every line and cut needless words
- Edit 3: Grammar check
Adopt This Attitude to Become a Faster Writer:

Your job isn't just to write, it's to publish your work.

Get in the habit of publishing because it'll inspire you to start working on the next piece.

Your speed will increase because you know people are waiting for your next idea.
Repeat This Process Until You Write Like Speedy Gonzales:

A daily writing habit with a repeatable structure & system will make you a much better and much faster writer.

After 90 days of consistent effort, you'll be shocked at how fast you blaze through the process.
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