Struggling in life?

Here's why kindness is the answer:
A famous quote by Maya Angelou says:

“People will forget what you said and what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”

And it’s true.

The way you make others -and yourself- feel is far more important than you think.
Not everyone will deserve your kindness.

But choosing to still do it is a sign of:

• Courage
• Strength
• Strong interpersonal skills

And that’s an important part to point out, kindness is a CHOICE.

Here are 7 reasons why being kind to OTHERS matters:
• Kindness is contagious.

Have you ever gotten the drive to be kind to others after seing someone else do the same?

This is a clear example of how being kind can spread quickly and have a ripple effect that makes the world a better place.

It will also brighten your day.
• Kindness lowers your stress.

Being kind to others helps you:

• Decrease your cortisol levels -> which in turn makes you feel less stressed out and -> returns your body to a more relaxed and balanced state.
• Kindness makes you happier

Being kind to others has been shown to release endorphins in your brain that in turn have the effect of boosting your mood.

This means you will make someone’s day AND feel good about yourself.

Talk about two birds with one stone.
• Kindness boosts your productivity

When kindness is prioritized in the workplace, such as giving praise to others, people get more work done.

It also leads to lower employee turnover.

Thus, if being kind is not a priority in your office, set an example and start today.
• Kindness strengthens your relationships

When you are kind to others, people notice.

The more you do it, the more it becomes second nature, and it builds stronger connections.

Doing this creates creates a deeper bond and a sense of unity between you and others.
• Kindness distracts you from your problems

Whenever a negative situation arises, find a way to be kind to others.

This works even better when you show kindness to strangers.

It is difficult to think about your issues when you’re helping others out without an ulterior motive.
• Kindness improves your romantic relationships

Kindness is the most significant predictor of happiness within a marriage.

Thus, when you engage in it with your partner and she does the same with you, your relationship is more likely to succeed than if you don’t.
There you go, 7 reasons why being kind to OTHERS matters:

1. It is contagious
2. It lowers your stress
3. It makes you happier
4. It boosts your productivity
5. It strengthens your relationships
6. It distracts you from your problems
7. It improves your romantic relationships
That's it for now.

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