Can't sleep. Watching my child sleep with gratitude. He was swatted by someone and Southaven police arrested, handcuffed and put him in juvenile detention for three days. I am LIVID. We've hired lawyers. The police had NO EVIDENCE. The judge that verbally ok'd the arrest warrant
Judge Craig Treadway, DeSoto County was appointed by former Mississippi governor, Phil Bryant.
Detective Patricia Taylor told me my son called a suicide hotline, threatening to cause violence at his school and they take school threats seriously. For 2 hours in front of my home
4 unmarked suvs and one police car converged, blocking traffic, demanding my husband & I give them my son's phone. They had no warrants, no evidence, and no jurisdiction. My son attends school in Tennessee. Our 17 year old repeatedly denied the accusation said:
"Mom, someone Swatted me."
Swatting is a criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service (via such means as hoaxing an emergency services dispatcher) into sending a police or emergency service response team to another person's address.
When I pulled up to my mailbox, my Dean's List, autistic son was walking up our driveway with his hands up toward 4 armed officers. They patted him down, placed him in handcuffs and put him in a marked car. Things escalated when one of the officers said:
He's being arrested bc he committed a crime, terrorism. After an hour, they threatened to get a warrant to search our home for our son's phone.

Because my husband refused to give up our son's phone, they told my husband he was obstructing justice and they had the right to arrest him, which they did. The, "in-charge" officer, said he smelled alcohol on my husband's breath. Detective Taylor scolded him for not cooperating.
They yanked my husband from the car saying out loud he was resisting arrest. They patted him down & then searched my vehicle, which my husband and I had been sitting inside. They said my car was a crime scene and threatened to have it towed at my expense.

I surrendered the phone and the passcode on the advice of my lawyer. My son was taken to a criminal detention center, even though I told them he was Autistic and they produced no evidence he made this call. All the while telling me they had legal authority to do so.
My son was held three days and despite me taking his meds to the jail, he was never given them. They refused to release him until he went before the judge for a hearing to determine if he was a threat. The day of the hearing, the lawyer for the court, Katie Jewell
"Why didn't you just comply and give them the phone?"
Me: They've had the phone for 3 days and they also have the passcode. She left us to sit in a room for 2 hours and 45 minutes.
She returned with a photo copy of text message that had been sent to my son while he was in jail.
The text from someone my son doesn't know said they called because they were concerned about his welfare. They were STILL threatening to hold him until we agreed to get him an evaluation at Parkwood or one of the facilities they recommend. My husband is a physician.
We told them we would have our own independent evaluation. We signed for him to be released. We NEVER went before Judge Treadway. Initially, I was told his court date was the following Thursday. However, his name is not on the dockets.
When I tell y'all we will liquidate all of our assets in filing a civil lawsuit, we are NOT bluffing. They busted upon our home without proof, harassed and bullied us, embarrassed us, charged my husband with resisting arrest, obstructing justice & disorderly conduct...
Bullied us, abused their authority, maliciously arrested my son and husband, booked my husband, who now has to go before the medical board has TRAUMATIZED all of us. I'm in tears bc I havent slept since this happened and didn't eat until my son was in our arms.
My husband and I have been together since 1992. We've been through the deaths of parents and loved ones, career changes, a special needs child, but this has completely broken our hearts.
I am determined to expose the ineptitude of the Southaven Police Department, The Juvenile Court system and the monetization of the systems, I am speaking truth to power.
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Thank y'all. I'm staying strong. We've hired lawyers and I'm ready to stand up for the rights of my brown baby boy. Praying for Michigan State. My niece is a graduate. My emotions are so intense. Pray for my equanimity. Learned that from the great Maya Angelou. This hurts.πŸ’“πŸ™πŸΎπŸ”Ί
We've hired Jim Franks, Hernando who has 20+ years experience in juvenile court.
He will represent Ian at his intake next week.
Ian gets to enjoy his weekend.
Will keep y'all posted.

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