I have closed 7 out of my last 10 sales calls.

The secret? Psychology.

Here is the 7 step formula to sell anything (without sounding needy):
Before we start, I want to make sure of 1 thing.

You give what you promise.

Sales is an incredibly powerful skill, don't misuse it.

Be better.

Got it? Cool.

Now to the hacks.

1. Be curious

When you start talking, adopt a child's curiosity.

Ask "why?" for almost everything.

And be genuinely curious. Be their friend.
"So what made you come on the call today?"

"How is your problem really important to you?"

"What do you think the ideal solution looks like?"

People love to share things with others. After a point, they forget they are on a sales call.
2. Understand their language, then replicate

Every person has a different tone of speech and body movements.

Observe and replicate.

If they are leaning back, do the same.

If they use the word 'revenue' a lot, do the same.

Make them feel at home.
❌ Sits straight, doesn't blink.

"Lets start with the call, shall we?"

✅ Calm posture, here to help.

"Let's talk about your problems and see if we can help!"

People don't buy from robots, they buy from people.
3. Pick out pain points

While you are asking them questions, you will find what really troubles them.

Pick and confirm them.

Make them realize that they really need a solution.
What made you come on the call today?

"Company has stagnated, no growth visible"

Oh, that is bad - what exactly is going wrong?

"We don't have leads, talent is leaving us. We're burning cash every month"

What if you could attract 5 leads in your inbox daily?

"That's a dream"
4. Ask, then pitch

Now that you've got them hooked - ask if you could show them the solution.

"Yes, please"

Pitch your offer.

• < 5 mins
• Answers basic questions
• Use the pain points to stress

"So that is how our lead gen offer helps you get leads, and attract talent"
5. The bridge

If you can learn only 1 thing from this - let it be this:

1. Ask about their problems, where are they right now?

2. Ask about their dream solution, where do they want to go?

3. Show that your product is perfectly positioned to help them get there - the bridge.
This prevents your offer from being separate.

It has now become part of the solution.

That makes it extremely lucrative and easy to buy.
6. Price positioning

Now comes the tricky part - "What does it cost"

If you have an established personal brand, you are already the authority.

But if not - position your price as a summary.
❌ "The price for lead gen is $4000 a month"

✅ "Alright, so for landing 3-5 leads worth $1500-$2500 in your inbox daily and attracting top talent to your company - it will cost you $4000 a month"

See the difference?
Pro tip: Say your price, and then shut the f*ck up.

" will cost you $4000 a month"


"But for you, we can do $3000 a month"


Keep quiet.

Let them think and speak.
7. Final steps

So what now? You have 2 options.

• Get the payment on the call, send an invoice
• Schedule the next call then and there

Never leave the call without defining the next steps.
Psychology hacks to sell anything:


• Be curious
• The bridge
• What's next
• Ask, then pitch
• Price positioning
• Pick out pain points
• Understand their language, then replicate
And that is it! Now go make more sales :))

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