How to price your online course (for maximum $$ + impact).

My "4 Hypotheses" Model:
My course on using LinkedIn as a business tool has over 10,900 students and thousands of 5-star reviews.

One of the most common pieces of feedback I receive is that it's "a helluva bargain".

That's how I want people to feel!

I made these 4 hypotheses to get to the price point:
Hypothesis 1: Make it accessible

I hypothesized that most people would be at the beginning or intermediate stages of leveraging LinkedIn.

My hypothesis was that pricing should skew low to capture that audience.

Less than $300.
Hypothesis 2: Make it easy to buy, fast

I wanted to make it what I call, a "Quasi-impulse" buy.

Low enough to be easy to buy the first time they saw it, but high enough to earn significant revenue.

To make it a quasi-impulse buy, it probably needs to be less than $200.
Hypothesis 3: Driving word-of-mouth & affiliates would make it viral

Word-of-mouth and affiliate sales only make sense at a lower price point.

Noting hypothesis 1, the majority of users won’t feel comfortable referring friends to something incredibly expensive.

Drop to $150.
Hypothesis 4: #3 (above) will accelerate with global adoption.

Make sure to include PPP (purchase power parity).

This will incentivize purchases from other countries.

Those purchasers would be likely to enroll in the affiliate program, too.

Include PPP discounts.
The results?

Price: $150
PPP Discount: 20% to 60% by country
Students: 10,900
Revenue: $1.345M
Timeline: 18 months
And that's it. My 4 hypotheses model.

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