"Just be creative" is bad advice

(if they don't tell you how).

6 proven methods to boost creativity:
1. 70-20-10 Rule

The #1 factor that influences creative success?

Volume produced.

Change your mindset with the 70-20-10 Rule:

- 70% of your work will be mediocre
- 20% will suck
- 10% will be amazing

If you’re avoiding failure, you’re avoiding success.

(H/T Jonathan Mann)
2. Rapid Ideation

Generate many ideas quickly with this brainstorming method:

1) Select a topic
2) Set a time limit (try 10 mins)
3) Ideate freely on sticky notes w/o filtering
5) Collect & categorize ideas
6) Select the best

Get enough bad ideas, and good ones will appear.
3. Walking Meetings

What do Steve Jobs, Nietzsche, and Aristotle all have in common?

Each used walking as a strategic tool for clear thinking.

In the words of Nietzsche, "All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking."
4. Dates with Creativity

"In order for art to imitate life, you have to have a life…

For me, art was imitating art because all I was doing was working." —Whitney Cummings

The best remedy for uninspired work?

Dates with creativity (Courtesy of Julia Cameron).

More on that…
Schedule dates with creativity.

Appreciate beauty in any form, whether natural or human-created:

• Take in a sunrise or sunset
• Go for a walk in nature

• Visit a museum or art festival
• Engage with inspiring music, books, documentaries, etc.
5. Mind Mapping

Creativity is often connecting existing ideas for the first time

(e.g., Wizard + School = Harry Potter).

Mind Mapping is a visual way to take notes—akin to brain networks.

You'll see connections that you might not otherwise.

Image: Paul Foreman via Mindtools
6. Give Your Mind an Overnight Task

Upon closing your eyes, give your mind a job.

"How might I make an extra $1k each month?"

Don't try to solve it then; just release it to your subconscious (which will work on it overnight).

Credit: LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman
Those were 6 methods to be wildly creative.

Please experiment and see what works best for you.
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