AI will NOT eat your job.

But someone using AI to do the work better can.

10 tools to stay ahead of the game ( and why they're important ) 🧡 :
1. TweetHunter

β€” Get endless content ideas

β€” Generate AI tweets

β€” Find potential leads

β€” Auto Engage with other people

2. Chatsonic

β€” Improving upon the limitations of Chat GPT

β€” Generate AI Art

β€” Information with voice commands

β€” Data trained and powered with google search

β€” Fetches real-time information

β€” Provides ChatSonic API

3. OtterAI

β€” Automatically writes and summarizes meeting notes for you

β€” Generates written transcriptions of the speeches

β€” Get the most out of your meetings

4. Merlin

β€” Free Open AI’s ChatGPT-powered extension to use anywhere

β€” Effortlessly Summarize Your Content on Any Website

β€” Master Complex Excel Formulas and Codes

β€” Convert lengthy documents into a concise and shorter version

5. Midjourney

β€” Generate Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

β€” Creates images from textual descriptions, similar to OpenAI's DALL-E and Stable Diffusion


Image credits: [ @kiosko_ ]
6. Synthesia


β€” Create videos from plain text in minutes

β€” Edit or update your video at any time

β€” Access custom AI avatars and voices

β€” Expert videos in more than 60 languages

7. CopyAI

β€” Instantly make your writing better

β€” Utilize a paraphrasing tool to rewrite a paper, essay, or article

β€” 90+ content types to explore

8. Excelformulabot

β€” Transform your text instructions into Excel & Google Sheets formulas

β€” Use the full potential of the AI formula generators in Google Sheets and Excel to solve problems faster

9. GitHub Copilot


β€”Β Autocomplete-style suggestions from an AI pair programmer as you code

β€” Works with any programming language

β€” Save hundreds of hours

Last but not the least ChatGPT

β€” With the right prompts, get access to any information

β€” Writes product descriptions, reviews, to even ebooks

β€” Generate code for a specific programming problem

If you are not aware of its potential, check out the different use-case:

Take aways:

β€” knowing about the key tools can save you lot of time.

β€” There are many AI tools with free plans you can leverage.

β€” Two people competing for a same job, one who knows about right tools will have a upper hand.

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