8 lessons from the book “The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind" that will help you craft an extraordinary mindset for success:
1. People blindly follow Brules

Brules = bullshit rules that are outdated.

Yet, the vast majority of people let these Brules dictate their life.

If you want to be extraordinary;

• Consciously look for and identify Brules
• Question if they positively impact your life
2. Frequently update your operating system

Growth depends on 2 things:

- Your models of reality
- Systems for living

If either are outdated or don’t serve you, you won’t grow.

If you want to be extraordinary, curate empowering models and systems
3. Often limiting beliefs lie below the surface

It can take an impactful event to open your eyes to what holds you back

Put yourself out there.

Try new things, travel to new places, learn new skills.

Challenge your mind, body AND beliefs to discover what holds you back.
4. Don’t remove a belief, replace it

A belief can’t be removed, it can only be replaced.

If you try to remove it, it will just claw its way back into your system.

Instead, ask yourself;

• What is the limiting belief?
• What is the empowering version of that belief?
5. Your models of reality should make you feel good

A model of reality that makes you feel any sort of negativity is limiting.

To be extraordinary, your models of reality should inspire you.

They should make you feel good about the opportunity you have.
6. Have big dreams, but don’t tie your happiness to them

All extraordinary people do 2 things:

• Think, aim and do big
• Don’t tie their happiness to the outcome

Yes, aim big

But don’t fall into the Brule that you’ll be happy when you get there

Instead, be happy in the now
7. Criticism and praise are not real

Both criticism and praise are just projections of another persons reality.

They’re not real.

• Don’t seek validation from others
• Only accept criticism and praise from those who have been where you want to go
8. To find meaning, create change

Extraordinary people are driven.

They’re driven by a larger purpose, a calling.

A purpose to make a change, whether that’s by raising kids or building a $1B company.

To find meaning, make a contribution.
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