I made $500 in my first month of online business.

This year I'll make over $20,000 per month while writing 3 hours a day, a few days per week.

Here's the entire blueprint laid out in 10 tweets so you can do the same without losing your mind:
Most newbies want to write an e-book or build a course.

The problem?

It's like making a delicious meal then throwing it in the trash.

You wasted all that effort to create something no one wants to use.

Complete waste of time and energy.

Here's what you should do instead 👇
1) Build an audience online

E-book were cool before social media came along because people used Google to find new content.

These days people rely on their social media feeds to find them content.

Best place to build an audience as a creator?
You guessed it; Twitter.

Everyone who's looking for good written content is already on Twitter.

Every tweet or thread you write has the potential to go viral and be read by millions of people within hours.

Do you understand how powerful that is?
Before you start writing, you need a solid profile.


Because even if your tweets go viral, you won't gain followers if your profile sucks.

So let's talk about that.

I've helped 100s gain 1000s of followers on Twitter.

A good profile answers three key questions👇
1) What's your biggest accomplishment?
2) What are you building/working on?
3) What's in it for me?

Here are four examples of winning profiles from four different niches to study.

Now that you're profile is up and ready.

Let's talk about how to write good content👇
Twitter content = Tweets and Threads.

There's only 4 types of content that do well on Twitter:

> Educational (Help people)
> Personal (Share your story)
> Aspirational (Motivate people to take action)
> Entertaining (Make people feel a strong emotion)

How often to write?
At minimum:

> 2-3 tweets daily
> 2 threads per week
> 10-20 comments per day

Pro Tip: If you have <1000 followers, you'll grow faster from commenting than tweeting.

Stick to this for 6 months and you'll hit 1,000 followers (That's top 2% of Twitter) easy.
At this stage you're getting engagement and followers.

Now what?

2) Start an Email List.

Building an audience on Twitter without a newsletter is like opening up a fancy restaurant that only serves appetizers.

That's cool but.... Your followers are here for the main course
An Email List lets you

> Secure your audience (since you can lose your Twitter account at any point)
> Sell your books, products and coaching offers
> Deliver exclusive content to your biggest fans
> Turn your writing hobby into an online business that pays $1000s per month
Email list building 101:

> Add landing page link to your bio
> Promote under your best tweets & threads
> Welcome sequence with 3-5 emails
> Email at least 1x per week
> Fun fact: On avg people make $1 per email subscriber/mo
> Eg a list of 1000 = $1000/mo
Now that you have the blueprint, want to know the 5 different income streams I built to make over $20,000 per month from Twitter?

If this thread gets 500 RTs I'll write a thread breaking it down

Let's go 👇:

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