Since everyone's suddenly obsessed with prisoner safety (despite never talking about until it can be used to attack trans people), let me, someone with 2 degrees in Criminology, do a thread explaining the state of our prisons..

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Prisons are unsafe places at the best of times. And at the worst of times? After 13 years of austerity which has stripped them of basic decency? They're awful.

Latest stats published today - Dec '21 - '22: there were 301 deaths in prisons. A decrease (19%) but still a lot.
74 of these deaths were self-inflicted. Again, a slight decrease from the year prior.
S*lf-Harm rates Sept '21-'22: 54,761. That's a 5% increase.

There was an 18% increase in womens' prisons, 1% in male prisons. Women tend to SH more in prison anyway, so this is in-line with most other data.

If GCs care about women prisoners, they're focusing on the wrong issue
The Trans community make up a TINY % of the population, and an even more tiny % of the trans community do sexual crimes that the media is trying to generate moral panics about

If you're proclaiming yourself as concerned about women prisoners' welfare, why are you ignoring this?
There have been numerous cases where women have been sent to prison pregnant, have not received care and their babies have died. Where's the outrage from GCs?

Or when women are r*ped by officers? Or when they're held 100s of miles away from kids? Radio silence.
There are 230 trans prisoners in the latest data available.

Out of over 80,000 prisoners, that’s 0.27%!

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This thread is brilliant.