Every day more relevant then before. No it does not mean everything weird in the sky is a Chinese balloon or drone, there are still unexplained events, but this has been a big national security failure that is being obscured by the UFO frenzy.
This is nearly two years old now. We have done a ton of additional reporting with hard documents etc and comment from DoD officials. Where's the USAF who is actually tasked with dealing with these threats? Nowhere.
Our latest on the drone swarms off SOCAL with links going back to all the other articles it's built upon.
This is not some exotic concept, the balloon side. We are working toward the same capability.
And of course we had this latest gem in terms of China likely being the culprit:

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Interesting thread suggesting a lot of the UFO sightings by the US military are just excusing surveillance by drones. Wouldn’t be the first time UFOs were a cover, the CIA’s secret spy planes were purposely passed off as UFOs (they were over half of all reports in the 50s & 60s!)