Being a solo founder means working 10 different roles.

The smartest founders are using AI to save 30+ hours every week.

Here are 6 tactics to leverage AI to increase your productivity:
As a solo founder, you often find yourself working as:

• Community Manager
• Chief Automation Officer
• An in-house Brand Agency
• Customer Support Specialist

AI isn't a direct replacement for full-time hires, but it can accomplish lower-level tasks.

Here's how:
Build a Content Backlog

Content is hard because you're constantly on a creative treadmill.

Use @heyjasperai to:

• 10x your content output
• Build an operationalized content machine
• Brainstorm new ideas + turn it into output
Email Assistant

Most founders spend 50% of the day fighting an email backlog.

Use ChatGPT to save time to:

• Generate email outlines
• Quickly pull and research data
• Refine emails based on tone and concision
Synthesize Research

Founders need to digest content rapidly.

Use tools like @wordtune to:

• Summarize PDF documents
• Create executive summaries
• Identify key points in business reports + academic articles
@wordtune Marketing Assistant

Marketing contains many repetitive motions.

Here are the main tasks to automate:

• Iterate on hook formats
• Build an ideation machine
• Grow your SEO skillset
• Operationalize outreach

Here's how:

Generate Designs

Design can often be a major blocker for a launch.

AI tools like @stockimgAI can help you:

• Instantly create 20+ logos
• Generate watermark-free stock images
• Design custom posters and web UX/UI wireframes

Never get blocked on design again.
Create Short-Form Videos

People spend an average of 45 minutes a session on TikTok.

Short-form content is becoming key to audience growth.

Use @supercreatorai to:

• Improve short-form ideation
• Fill out your content schedule
• Create content just by inputting scripts
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