I’ve built a million-dollar network as an introvert, but it took me 10 years.

Use my framework to rapidly build your own high-value network:
• Connect on social media

Cold contact at least 1-2 people a month.

Send a short DM that:

- shows interest in them
- provides a thoughtful response to their content
- shows enthusiasm for learning from them
• Get warm intros

Only 9.1% of cold calls are successful.

And 84% of B2B sales come through warm introductions.

Warm intros help you clear the first hurdle.

Ask your current connections if they know someone who could help:

- learn a new skill
- fulfill a current need
• Be a connector

Connectors are loved by all.

Listen to their problem and go out of your way to connect them with someone who can solve it.

Think of commonalities:

- interests
- industries
- experience
• Meet someone new monthly

The fear of rejection is much worse than actual rejection.

The honest truth is most won’t turn you down.

Come prepared by:

- Doing your research
- Bringing a few questions
- Saying “thank you” afterward
• Stay connected

Your current network needs attention too.


- reach out to 1-2 current connections per week
- capitalize on birthdays and anniversaries

A simple text message is often enough, but try lunch, coffee, or a zoom call when you want to go deeper.
• Ask about them

Asking more questions is linked to being viewed more favorably

Keep them talking about themselves by asking questions and follow-ups.

When you find a common interest, dig in and linger.
• Prepare questions to prompt conversation

Create a list of common questions and ask these across your network. You’ll find similarities, which makes connecting people easier.

Also, tailor questions to the person your meeting. Follow your interest.
• Know how to tell your story

The same things are always talked about:

- career
- family
- future plans
- hobbies

Think of 1-2 stories in each area and PRACTICE how you’ll tell them.

Then, end the story by asking "Do you have any similar stories?"
• Join a group

Everyone expects to connect at a group, so be different:

Stop selling and start connecting, entertaining, and delivering value.

If an introvert, bring a friend to lighten the load on the first meeting.
Networking doesn't have to be hard.
Networking doesn't have to be a bad word.

- Bringing value
- Be a connector
- Build true friendships

Then, when you need something, make your ask and watch the army come running.
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