Web3 & crypto CAN make you wealthy.

But NOT by investing your funds.

Here's what everyone needs to know:
Crypto and web3 are highly volatile markets.

And they will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Compare BTC and ETH with the S&P and Nasdaq over the last 5 years:
Bitcoin volatility
Ethereum volatility
S&P 500 volatility
Nazdaq volatility
Now look at volatility of the NFT market:
And, as an example, the fluctuations of Bored Ape prices:
For the everyday person:

Crypto & web3 are clearly NOT the place to invest funds that you cannot afford to lose.

Instead, to build wealth, you should invest your time, talent, and energy.
The big win here is not in quick returns.

It's the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the new internet.

And to master the technology and tools that will radically alter the future.
Over the next few years, web3 and crypto will disrupt every major industry:

Art, music, media & entertainment, creator economy, sports, events, real estate, business, banking & finance, societal structures, government, and more.
In 2023, Amazon will be the latest major corporation to join web3.
Web3 is quietly reconfiguring the world:

• Trustless and permissionless protocols
• Smart contracts and tokens
• Zero knowledge technology

And other web3 and crypto tools are emerging.

These new tools will usher in a whole new era of ownership and wealth.
Whether you are a content creator, artist, musician, community builder, business executive or founder

With the appropriate knowledge and skills, you can be at the forefront of an explosion of economic opportunity.
If you DO buy crypto, tokens or NFTs do it for the right reasons:

• To help build a protocol
• Participate in a community
• Or support an artist or creator.

And NEVER invest funds you cannot afford to lose.
It's more important to invest your time, talent, and energy in LEARNING to use the new tech and tools.
Study the top web3 thinkers.

Here's a thread with a reading list that spans the beginnings of crypto in 2008 to today:

On Tuesday, I am hosting a Twitter Spaces with some of the top founders in web3.

Join us and keep up with the latest advancements and learn what to expect in 2023.

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That's it, folks. I hope this was useful.

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