I spend hundreds of hours meeting with cool companies.

Here are my favorite businesses from the last 12 months:
1. Swim schools

I met a swim school owner named John, who brings $300k/year in cash flow.

He works 10 hours a week.

The best type of person to buy this business is someone who is good with people and community marketing.
Here’s how I would buy this one:

• Use SBA debt
• Offer 3x cash flow
• Put 7% down ($63k)
• Ask the swim school owner to put 5% on full standby

This one isn’t open on Sundays, so you can grow it quite a bit by adding an extra day of operations!
2. RV parks

You can buy seasonal campgrounds at 10%+ cap rate. This means $100k in income for a $1M property.

Some people treat these parks as their second home. They build gardens and decks when they park their RVs which they leave there year-round.
3. Plumbing

I know a regional plumbing business that made $2M EBITDA and $9M revenue in 2020.

People will always hire plumbers. It's a beautiful industry.

Plus you don't need heavy investments to grow a business like this.
4. Trucks

Met a guy who does $44M in revenue selling semi-trucks.

He builds a relationship with trucking companies, dealers, brokers, and wholesalers.

Then buys their used inventory, and resell it to other buyers.

Beautifully Simple (but not easy).
5. Medical equipment

I met a couple that rents $4.85M of medical equipment annually. They provide equipment that helps patients during the healing process after surgery.

There is a lot of room for growth when you buy one, but watch-out for the slow pay cycles.
6. Trees

I met a guy who sells $10M worth of trees annually.

This business cashflows 30% from operations with:

• Attractive cash flow cycles
• High gross margins
• Low overhead
7. Scaffolding

I met a scaffolding rental company that does $6.5M per year in EBITDA.

Cool business because you can buy the equipment once, and rent it for a longggg time.

Caution, EBITDA doesn't mean cash flow. Make sure you learn the difference, especially here.
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