How can we protect children from inappropriate online content on blockchain?

Can age restrictions be enforced there?

Does implementing restrictions in the metaverse go against Web3 values?

In the thread I try to understand how control in web3 can be achieved, let's dive🧵:
First thing that came into my mind is parental control in this regard.

What does it provide?

Parental controls limit children's access to content, monitor activity on various devices.

But in the metaverse, which is made up of 3D virtual worlds, it can be difficult to do.
It would be hard to set age restrictions in the decentralized metaverse.

Because it's easy for anyone to buy, use digital items using real money.

Even if a company creates an app for kids, it may not be able to protect them from bad people or filter out inappropriate content.
Parents can restrict the websites their child visits, but this is not a way.

Minors likely do not have access to a bank account, so they can't cash in or out crypto.

If a parental block is set on wallet services, someone else can still send coins to the wallet of someone > 18.
It would be a big challenge to monitor the constantly growing digital market and the different platforms it is on.

Making it difficult for any Web3 startup to achieve.

I see the idea of age restrictions may go against the values of Web3 which is decentralization.
The negative effects of social media on children are well-known.

It is not known how the metaverse, which is a virtual world, will affect them.

Problems seen on social platforms, such as depression or self-harm have not yet been studied on a large scale btw.
The metaverse may provide opportunities for learning, building social skills, and bonding with parents.

However, whether or not children should be allowed in the metaverse is up to parents.

Education on how to steer clear of scams, how the blockchain functions, is the option.
Key takes:

• In Web3, control tools may not be enough, as minors may still have access to wallets and blockchain
• Decentralized nature of the blockchain complicates a control what children are doing in the metaverse
• Education on how to navigate the blockchain is essential
Thank you for your attention!

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