1/ Today we have a very special guest. @phon_ro is a known @XCOPYART connoisseur. He acquired extremely rare "lost pieces" by X but also he is a part of @6529capital. NooNe0x kindly agreed to answer some questions so make yourself a nice coffee and let's go! 🧵👇
2/ When did you enter crypto space?

N: I first heard about BTC in 2013 thanks to @XSalaimartin blog calling it the next financial bubble – I am not the type of person who just accepts what someone else says at face value without DYOR so I just went online and started fact...
3/ checking if all his criticism made sense. When I started looking into it, my brain went immediately “oh boi, we are onto something here”

J:When did you first discover NFTs? Can you share your story?

N:Since 2012 my life had been work work –always on call, no holidays.
4/ Then, in 2020 it was the toughest year as I was voluntarily re-deployed to the ICU during the COVID outbreaks, which was not my normal working environment. By the end of it, I was burnout so I decided to take off and spend the whole Christmas period that year on work.
5/ I spent most of my time going deep in crypto projects again and that’s when I found @cryptopunksnfts. Straightaways, I got exactly the same feelings as when I learnt about Bitcoin back in 2013.
6/ J:Do you remember your first mint / purchased token? What was it?

N: My first NFT buy was CryptoPunk #604, I do not own it any more but it was the first leap of faith. If I only knew back then that over a thousand would follow XD
7/ J:When did you discover @XCOPYART? What was your first X mint / purchased token?

N: I discovered XCOPY at some point in Jan-Feb 2021, I was already back at work with usual hectic almost 24/7 but spending all my spare time learning more about NFTs.
8/My first XCOPY buy was Taxmen, the KO edition. I was stink bidding a lot of the editions at the time, especially anything available from the DOA set and the rari pieces. I had just lost a Hackproof in the last second of an auction and just at about the same time there was...
9/another auction for Taxmen finishing; I was tired of the bids not hitting so I just had to get it. I remember celebrating with a nice dinner with my girlfriend that we finally got an XCOPY!!!!

J:What caught your attention while looking at X works?
10/35 N: It was love at first sight, I spent a great deal of time just looking back at his Tumblr. It was fascinating to see how his art evolved and also the conviction he showed from such an early stage. I could spend hours but:

11/J:You're a very experienced X collector. Can you tell us a bit about "lost XCOPY pieces"?

N:It is fascinating. Some very interesting stories. The way I look at it is that when you are very very early, you will see a lot of frens fail along the way just because they are...
12/ too early and there is no demand yet. This is what happened to X, he has minted pretty much in all the NFT platforms that were coming along as the pioneer he is. Some of these platforms – Ascribe, Digital Objects Network, Rare Art Labs, FanBits – went bust and many of the...
13/ works remained unsold, deleted or lost. Some of them were later recovered, some remained purely as receipts of the purchase and some others as ERC-20 tokens without a picture. The most interesting ones for me are the RARE ART Labs set and the Fanbits duo. RARE arts had...
14/ a total of five different x/10 editions – F for fuckup / Death Wannabe / Disaster Suit / Dirtbag / Cracked – and only a few of the editions sold back on the day so when the platform shutdown, the unsold ones were locked in the RARE ART Labs contract without a front end...
15/ to purchase. Eventually the unsold editions were burnt and X received one edition of each so currently he is the only one holding a full set.

J:Was it hard to acquire X "lost pieces"?

N:Well, it was a journey! As I said, the unsold NFTs seemed to be locked in the smart..
16/ contract and just lacking the front end to buy. I discovered them cause I was looking back through the RARE ART labs discord checking out the convos between the OGs back in 2018 when all of a sudden I saw a couple of posts announcing mints by @Coldie, @Hackatao and @XCOPYART
17/ so this made me want to go and check on chain immediately. It was like discovering a lost and hidden treasure. I got in touch with some of the guys from the RARE ART team, found the contract and browsed through all the pieces until I found all the eds by X, Coldie and…
18/ @Hackatao – to my surprise most of them were still UNSOLD!!!!! I had interacted with contracts before so I tried to find a way to see if I could buy the unsold pieces through Etherscan, even build up the contract on MyEtherWallet, but the Rare Arts smart contract was a…
19/ multisig so there was no luck – I even paid a supercoder fren to see if he could find a way but nothing came out of it. Since those days, I mapped all the holders of the editions that did sell and made contact to see if anyone was willing to sell their tokens. Eventually…
20/ after many months of trying I managed to buy, sometimes with some frens, all the editions from the set except Cracked. Besides @XCOPYART editions and @Coldie “Proof of Work”; my other favourite pieces from the platform are Warhol and Queenie by @Hackatao.
21/ J:Can you share your @6529capital story a bit? What is your position and how is it to work with @punk6529 on a daily basis?

N:In 2021, I was very active in NFT communities and somehow I started talking to 6529 on twitter. We had many long conversations and it was easy...
22/ to see that our visions about NFTs – and many things in life in general – were aligned. By the end of the year, he asked me if I was willing to be part of 6529Capital and obviously it took me two seconds to say yes! I am part of the “Curation Board”, it is amazing to work...
23/ with all of the team, they are all people I admire. We are all super passionate about decentralization and NFTs; each of us has their own thoughts and expertise in different parts of the space and we are literally 24/7 either looking for or discussing JPEGs. Everyone at…
24/ the team feels like fam at this point. The best part of the day is when @batsoupyum brings up which @CryptoDickbutts he would love the fund to buy next XD I love being a part of 6529 team and having the chance to spend my days with them!
25/ J: Recently you've acquired "Dust" by X for over 100eth. It's a 5/5 edition - why is it so special?

N: Yep that was a fund acquisition. I think is one of the best editions when you consider the supply and aesthetics of the piece. It is one of his few Rarible NFTs and it…
26/ always strikes me by the beauty of the colour composition.

J:Which X editions are your favorite and why?

N:That’s a difficult question. My favourite edition has to be Death Wannabe from the RARE ART labs set. It has a very low supply (1/4) and is one of the first...
27/ character based editions that XCOPY ever minted (June 2018). Only the @SuperRare X12 and the ascribe pieces were minted earlier. Then you have the “Lost XCOPY” story and the fact that it is an ERC-20 token without a JPEG which to me just adds further to the mystique.
28/ J:Which X 1/1s are your favorite?

N:The easy answer would be “Right Click Save as Guy” buuuuttttt… my favourite 1/1 is “A coin for the Ferryman” (see here why >

… ). The podium would be completed with “All Time High in the City” and “summer.jpg”.
29/ J:Can you tell us what your strategy is while taking profits? Do you "reinvest" in newly discovered artists?

N:At a personal level, I end up buying art that I like and connects with me to be quite honest. Sometimes that means buying a “Where my Vans Go” by @DrifterShoots...
30/ who is very well known and other times pieces from less well known (yet) artists like “Endless Possibilities” by @HollyHerbertAr1.

J:How do you see NFT space developing in future?

N:I think that all major brands will enter the NFT space, most major events will do…
31/ ticketing through NFTs, NFT memberships will be the norm, Universities will be issuing NFT degrees…the future is bright, I think is just a matter of time. May take 10-15 years, maybe even more, but we will eventually get there...
32/ Did I already say that my vision was very well aligned with 6529? See below!

J:Do you have collectors within the NFT space whom you admire / follow? If yes, please share some names.

N:Too many! Obviously everyone at the @6529capital, they are all legends. I have very…
33/ good frens in the space that I also admire for different reasons like @CozomoMedici, @kdean, @Debussy100, @punk3178, @pepe, @plum_eth, yourself, @pete____d then you have the OGs who have collections which are just jaw dropping, we talking @VonMises14 @ddaavvee__ @TokenAngels
34/ @ModeratsArt here…

J:Which crypto artists do you like / want to add to your collection?

N:Besides more XCOPY…I would love to add something from @Coldie to my collection. I have some physicals and NFTs but I need more, I love his style and him as a person XD
35/ J:Maybe you can share some tips for newcomers?

N:Do NOT FOMO, buy NFTs you like and you can comfortably afford. Also try to learn more about the artists, the collections and their history.
@phon_ro huge thank you for your time, wonderful insights and amazing story! 🙏💪♥️

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