1/ Today I would like to discuss the art of a great role model of mine.

It is no secret that @SamSpratt is one of the most celebrated artists in this space, but you may be surprised at how much you have yet to discover in his works…🧵
2/ Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably seen Sam’s art at least a few times throughout your life.

His client work ranges well over the past decade from political magazine covers for @TheAtlantic to movie posters for @Marvel.
3/ My generation is likely familiar with Sam’s art through his unmistakeable album covers for @Logic301 and @KiDCuDi.
4/ But what I would like to cover today, is the most recent chapter of his expression, “LUCI”.

It is the series that has drawn the eyes of many in our realm and the traditional world as well, with the most recent installment “Wormfood” (BR) having been sold at @ChristiesInc.
5/ Sam describes his technique as “classical oil-painting translated to the fast-paced digital world” which is a great place for us to start.

Let’s examine some of the fine-stroke details these pieces have to offer and begin to decipher what makes these pieces so special.
6/ Slipspace; the first appearance of LUCI was created by @SamSpratt in 2020.

An experience and creation process trigged the question for Sam, “What else can we find?”.

I ask the same question.
7/ From the colorful blobs and space dust, two apes lunge at Luci and the female figure.

A hand extends out of the cloud for Luci’s ankle, a motion that reappears in piece six “The Muck”, suggesting while Luci appears to be on the move so often.
8/ One hand of the female plunges into the fabric of Luci, while the other cradles his chin.

I believe this gesture truly showcases the impact this piece had on Sam, and what sparked the rest of the LUCI series.
9/ Chapter 1 begins with Birth of Luci. Sam showcases his extreme level of precision even while working on a digital canvas.

The Manhattan skyline in the distance seems to resemble where Luci takes their first steps away from, ignoring the footprints.
10/ II. Lullabies for Isaac, in a fitting home with @fewocious ❤️

Luci’s frayed rags demonstrate the continued harsh conditions. Color theory really shines through in this piece with the contrasting oranges and blues.
11/ III. First Sacrifice, reminds me most of the original Slipspace, in a more terrestrial sense.

Lots of questions are evoked here. Who is the face in the rapids? What is this new opponent?
12/ IV. Return to Diorama, potentially my favorite piece of LUCI so far, and what sparked the writing of this thread.

I set this as my desktop background about 2 months ago, and feel so inspired every time I open my computer.
13/ V. Map to Wander, into the brush we go. The baby continues to cling tight.

Other creatures lurk in the distance. Luci walks the path toward the home in the background, maybe the home shown in “Return to Diorama”?
14/ VI. The Muck, could be Luci’s toughest battle yet. The baby appears to be gone, and the house burns in the background.

Sam shared how he based this model off his own head producing a similar expression. I thought it was fascinating and spot on.
15/ VII. Wormfood, the final piece for the time being, in the collection of @CozomoMedici 🍷

“The Tree is the tower, the bank, the law // A beautiful place to lie / But not yet”.  

The story is not over, and I cannot wait to see what else @SamSpratt is to bring.
16/ Beyond the individual details in each pieces, I would love to highlight some of the motifs that reappear throughout the series.

Consistencies show foresight, a very valuable trait.
17/ One of the first reappearing details I noticed was the logo of Luci, which can also be seen on the blueprint skull and on the smart contract as well!
18/ The logo first appears in “Lullabies for Isaac”, on an intact flag layed on the rock.
19/ In “First Sacrifice”, the flag of Luci is flown.
20/ Just like Luci however, the flag is put through its paces.

In “Map to Wander” the yellow fabric is seen hanging from a tree branch beside a watching bird.
21/ It’s reduced to a piece of cloth in “Wormfood”, potentially signifying a transitional period of Luci. Once again, I am excited to see where Sam takes this series!
22/ Beyond the Luci Symbol, 2 other symbols make an appearance as well.

These symbols were posted to Sam’s Twitter before the release of the associated piece.
23/ This sloping figure appears in “Return to Diorama” with the orange line potentially depicting the trajectory of Luci’s journey.
24/ This arrow figure in “Map to Wander” which appears to have been left on the path behind, pointing in the direction Luci must travel.

Perhaps the path is becoming more defined.
25/ Above all, I think it’s important to note that this thread is for the most part, speculation; merely my observations of Sam’s work.

You’ll notice my frequent use of “potentially”, as it is ultimately up to each individual to perceive for themselves.

The beauty of art!
26/ In fact, after reading this thread I encourage each and every one of you to go to Sam’s work and discover themes and details for yourself.

I can promise you this is only the tip of the iceberg, and there is much more to be found 🔎🫶🏼
27/ Thank you for sharing you vision with us @SamSpratt. There is no doubt in my mind that LUCI will one day be in art history books, so much more than any of us can imagine.

It has inspired me to seek meaning in my own art and identify what pushes me to continue creating.

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Ben! This thread is epic! Thank you! Just learned so much about Sam’s work I had no idea!