7 years in customer retention revealed these 5 unforgettable lessons I can't believe I had to learn the hard way: ๐Ÿ‘‡
People LOVE "Free"

I've tested a free item lead magnet offer at every e-commerce company I've worked at.

The result was the same each time:
โ€ข More leads
โ€ข Slightly lower conversion rate
โ€ข The uplift in leads offset the lower conversion rate

Test it out.
Send More Reminders

Don't just send to send. Always provide value.

BUT, you could probably send more often.

Don't let one customer complaint about too many emails sway you (those people will always exist).

The majority of your list is not reading every email. Send reminders.
SMS Marketing Is A Beast

I've launched SMS programs from scratch at two companies.

In both cases, it took less than a year for SMS to match the revenue that email was driving.

Email + SMS can easily make up over 50% of your total revenue.

Not enough companies use SMS.
Email Marketing Is Not Dead

These are the ROIs of our marketing channels last year at Beard Club:

Email: 74.5x
SMS: 29.8x

Both great - but email remains the king with how affordable it is.

25% of your total revenue should be attributed to email. Who can afford to ignore that?
Underpromise and Overdeliver

Set reasonable expectations before first purchase.

Then provide 10x value at every touchpoint after that. Your customer retention numbers will tell the story of how well you accomplish this.

Listen closely to customer feedback and keep improving.
Learning these 5 lessons have changed my career.

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