Why You Should Get Used To Being Misunderstood:
If we say what we want, we will be called aggressive.

If we people please or appease, will will be called selfish because it's never enough.
If we place a boundary, people won't honor them or will violate them.

If we have no boundaries, we'll drown as we try to meet everyone's expectations.
If we follow a path that's not traditional, we'll be told it's risky or it won't work out.

If we do what's expected of us, there will still be people who critique how we do it.
If we have the courage to share our gifts with the world, there will be people who would prefer us to be silent.

If we stay in our comfort zone, we live with the regret of "what if I would have..."
If we decide to break the cycle, there will be people who label us as the problem.

If we stay in dysfunction, the connection and love we receive there will always come with conditions.
If we out grow relationships, some people will feel abandoned in the process.

If we stay in relationships we've outgrow, new versions of ourselves won't be accepted.
The only answer really is to live a life that's authentic to us and allow people to misunderstand us in the process

Because they will anyway.
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