going to compare two market rate projects... one in Seattle and one in vienna, to highlight how wildly bad multifamily development is, due to our land use and building codes...

this seattle building?

it is ubiquitious. it's also found in nearly every US city. mostly same codes
housing on arterial. wood-framed construction. double loaded corridor. flat facade. vinyl 2pane windows. no cross ventilation. bedrooms on arterial. no private outdoor space. no solar protection. poor unit mix (mostly studios/1BRs). tiny courtyard

studio rent: $1,700
quiet street. mass timber. wood-alu 3pane windows. active solar protection. wood floors. mix of unit sizes. daylight on multiple sides. cross ventilation. private terraces and balconies. decent looking and innovative architecture...

2BR rent: $1,300
the vienna project is a wonderful building w/ bike garage, atop a grocery store, in a very walkable neighborhood.

this is an incredible development - but there's almost no possibility for doing this in the US.

thread on that project here:

the reason is because our building and land use codes are horrendous.

they are the reason that buildings in the US continue to looks so incredibly banal. it's virtually impossible to do anything else.

we need a massive paradigm shift.

the vienna project has 1-bedroom units that rent for ~$1,000 a month.

it's 35sf larger than the seattle studio, with an actual bedroom, and a 55 sf balcony that isn't looking at units 20' away

a far superior building with rents that are 40% less.

these massive differences don't just stop at the building level

they manifest themselves in rather interesting ways in how new neighborhoods are developed as well. better economic & social mix of residents. better public realm. most daily needs nearby

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