In this ongoing series we spotlight artists in the HoD gallery. Today we get to know abstract painter, street photographer and fellow @MonkeyBabyBiz member @wilsenway a bit better. Wilsen was one of the first artists added to the gallery;
it’s been a pleasure watching him grow as an artist in this space.
Q: When did you realize you were an artist?
A: It all started when I fell in love with photography since my last year on senior high school, i decided to go to art college and learning art and design. Looking back, i have exhibited my photographs in several exhibitions, won some
awards, and published a book nationwide.

Being an abstract painter is a new chapter in my life, i started painting last year, when i joined solana. The dream to pursue art for living is always inside my heart, as im currently working as a cook irl.
I also did pottery years ago, i enjoy learning something new and it’s always about art.

The supports from the people irl for my photography works and the people in web3 especially solana makes me realize i can do art and that i am an artist.
Q: How do you get inspired to create art?
A: Before covid, i spend my sunday going to different art gallery every week. That’s how i get inspired and have my ‘art memory’ from looking other artists works. I enjoy looking arts in every mediums.
For my abstract paintings, i pick up my memories and feelings from my daily life and daily experiences, it is the closest thing that i can relate to put it on canvas. The more i do that, the more i realize my paintings will be more about myself and when
i put all of my emotions there, i hope people can relate and feel things from my paintings.
Q: What does your process look like?
A: Doing 4 am - 4 pm jobs daily, i only have a small time to do arts, it is like from 4 - 6 pm. So that’s when i start painting. There is always good day and bad day, when you work in kitchen, and serve people, so i always have a tendency to
focus on what makes me sad and happy at that time, or if i have a problem in my life, i try to transfer the sadness, the negativity, that i feel or have to face into a blank of canvas and hope it will turn into positivity rather than being angry or sad the whole day.
Painting is a meditation for me, i am not a patience person, but doing art have bring me to be a better person each and everyday because it is all turn into something positive.
Q: Who are some artists that inspire you?
A: I always admire Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Monet. These are the painters that i learn from my art history class.
Recently i’m into Jackson Pollock, i think i have a great influence from him.
Q: What do you like about crypto art?
A: Connection, friendship, and the organic growth. Crypto Art gives me opportunity to be an artist and to show my arts to people. It’s equally the same for each and everyone to pursue the dreams.
I started from 200 followers and have almost 2600 followers in a year, achieve that all by organic growth. Met amazing people, collectors, artists and some become my best friends.
It is amazing feeling to have all the supports and grow into the best version of myself every time.
THANK YOU to Wilsen for taking a moment to tell us a bit more about who he is as an artist.

Wilsen's recent abstract digital paintings have been selling for over ◎45 and I suspect they'll reach ◎100 in the not too distant future.
Wilsen is a great artist adding a ton of value to the Solana art community. Let's gooooo Wisen 🚀

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