San Francisco is experiencing a drug overdose crisis. The fentanyl crisis is caused by a city that does very little to stem the open air drug markets that proliferate in TL, SOMA and downtown.

The city must make a change, but SF hard left political machine fights for status quo
The SF Police Commission is filled with ideologues who support the open air drug markets:

“We have had a long history where we tried [arresting drug dealers] and it’s not working.”

— SF Police Commissioner Cindy Elias, Dec 19, 2022

Elias has yet to provide an alternative plan.
Far left virtue signalers SF Supervisors Aaron Peskin, Dean Preston, supported by extremists like Chan, Ronen, Walton control the SF Board of Supervisors.

Peskin and Preston moved to confirm Elias and succeeded.

Little progress can happen until they lose their majority in 2024
For a detailed explanation of San Francisco's history of turning a blind eye to 2 drug deaths per day, ongoing tragedy on our streets draped in Aaron Peskin's SF Political Machine virtue signaling, read this—
Bringing common sense to San Francisco means safe streets, focus on *recovery* instead of pathological enablement, and a downtown/SOMA/TL that is livable for families.

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Important thread… if you want to understand the political grifters who are perpetuating the fentanyl crisis to stay in power and/or profit from the “homeless-industrial complex”