10 most admirable leadership traits:

1. Humility - a beginner’s mindset that is open to new ideas and less judgmental.

A mindset free of prejudice. A quiet mind that values actions above words.
2. Honestly - radical transparency with grace and dignity. The ability to give feedback without causing resentment.

The ability to admit mistakes quickly and to ask for forgiveness. And a willingness to show vulnerability.
3. Self-awareness - reading the room and balancing one’s contributions to ensure a value exchange that benefits all.

Knowing when to speak and when to listen. Knowing that given a choice of being clever or kind, being kind is right choice. It is balancing ambition with value.
4. Sense of humor - do not take yourself too seriously.

Show passion and ambition but not at a cost to others. Make people comfortable and at ease.

Laugh loudly but welcome humor with open arms. But not at the expense to others. Happy people smile more.
5. Active listening - if you are waiting for a pause, so that you can speak, you are not truly listening. And the most important part of listening is the ability to hear the unsaid.

Sometimes the best way to support and help others is to give your undivided attention.
6. Interest in others - be interesting first.

The goal is to leave people better than when you found them. Everyone you meet knows more about something than you do.

Care more about the people around you.
7. Generosity - the coolest people I know are unselfishly generous with their time and knowledge.

Give more than you take. And give without expecting a get. The strongest leaders give more than they take.

Takers may end up with more, but givers sleep better at night.
8. Intellectual curiosity - learn to search for the grounded truth.

And be willing to change your mind when the facts and the truth contradicts your prior beliefs. The strongest leaders are lifelong students. They are also lifelong teachers.
9. Good manners - be nice and polite to all. This may be life’s biggest hack.

Say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ more. Hold doors a bit longer. Do not interrupt people. Do not brag. Do not shout or speak poorly of others.

Be a good person, but do not waste time trying to prove it.
10. No sense or entitlement - the world does not owe you a thing.

The best people that I know are not chasing compliments or validation. Learn to fight for your happiness and do it with dignity, optimism and grace.
Bonus 11. The best leaders leave everything and everyone better than when they found them.
In a celebration, lead from the back.

In a crisis, lead from the front.

In the company of someone that has a better idea, follow first.

Leadership is all about positioning and standing in the right places.

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