I made Chat GPT my Virtual Assistant

It’s saving me 5 hours every week.

Here’s how👇:
Research Assistance

Chat GPT is the fastest way to learn about an industry.

I use it to prepare for startup advisory calls.

• Start with a broad question
• Narrow down as you go
• Validate online in 3m

Time saved 1.5h / week.

Calendar Optimization.

Use Chat GPT to create a custom weekly schedule.

Ask it to:
• Shift work blocks
• Add rest, family time
• Squeeze last-min projects

Time saved: 30m / week.

I create content for CEOs.

Chat GPT gives me prompts relevant to my audience.

This will:
• Give you ideas
• Train your creative muscle
• Help you get started on a new project

Time saved 30min / week.

Chat GPT will translate emails for you.

Use it to create your first drafts.

Adjust the tonality to make the email as formal as you need.

Time saved 30m / week.
Job Descriptions

Need a job description?

Chat GPT will take care of that.

Ask it to rewrite specific sections, add recent job trends and requirements.

Time saved 30min / week.


Let Chat GPT handle small daily stuff so you can focus on what matters.

I ask it for recommendations on:

• Restaurants
• Books
• Gifts

Time saved 35m / week.
Write Stories & Poems

This is a great way to stand out.

• Create a product story
• Write thank-you poems for employees
• Make customers laugh with a poem devoted to bugs

Sky is your limit.

Time saved: 45m / week.

Make Chat GPT your Virtual Assistant and it will save you 5h / week.

• Ideation
• Translation
• Stories & Poems
• Job Descriptions
• Research Assistance
• Calendar Optimization
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